Siblings love/ Family Rivalry


Almost everyone can testify to the way love operates in the family, most especially among siblings. In one way or the other, we have been victims of quarrelling with either our younger brother or sister/ elder brother or sister but in spite of all the disagreement that might arise, the bond and love between us can never be broken. Therefore, this poetic piece is to appreciate the family love and rivalry.

**We are Ripen in love; **
Love_ as our watchword.
Accountable for one another,
With shared responsibilities.

We are one:
Oneness in Blood and Genetics.
Competitors for mother’s affection
Jealousy of the newborn.

We are counterpart:
Competitors of Siblings role
incitement of each other’s poise.

We are rivals;
Prey of habituate brawl
Prey of Jealousy
Abel’s demise of Cain’s green-eyed

We are kinsfolk;
Fatality of our folks
Fatality of coincidence
Entrenched in our fondness.

The shared love among siblings is beyond measure. We fight, we love, we protect and care for one another as one.