Single and broken ♥ ed!


. . .
She came in, with a hoodie over her head and earpiece in ears
Ordered a cup of Ice-cream and a large-size pizza
One would have thought she was expecting company
But her dressing said otherwise
She had grey overalls on, with a pair of jeans covering her tiny legs
The only jewelry she had on was a wristwatch and a hair pin
Her mascara was running; a sign that she already cried
She sat down by the corner of the restaurant, quietly licking her ice-cream,
Downcast and weak, eyes sore and red
All the same, she looked beautiful

. . .
I was patiently waiting for my boyfriend, he was running late as usual
He was either stuck at work or busy frolicking with his ‘bestie’
I wasn’t happy myself or with my relationship but I tried to put up a straight face
I have a relationship afterall so I shouldn’t be too stupid
I looked over to the adjacent table where she sat
I couldn’t stop looking at how frail and cute she was
I tried to guess what could have caused such a beauty to be so downcast
I concluded on two things: that a relative died, or that she got broken hearted
I wanted to move close to her,
I wanted to calm her down,
I wanted to say something to ease her pain
But I couldn’t move an inch, so I just stared down at my meal
. . .
Twenty minutes passed, then another twenty and then another
She didn’t raise her head and her ice cream was almost defrosting
She hadn’t touched her pizza either, but she looked calmer now
Still sad, but calmer
The waiter came in with her bill, she paid, and stood up to leave
She was barefooted and limped a bit
Her hoodie was off and here brown hair sprawled all over her slim face
The hair made her even finer and brighter
She must have found solace in the music afterall
. . .
I took a last glance over to her table as she started to leave
I was glad she was ok
Well, she looked ok
I noticed her face looked slimmer now that the hoodie was off
Oh, such beauty to behold
I glanced at my watch and realized I had been waiting for close to two hours
I decided it was time to leave:
Maybe because I was tired of waiting for my boyfriend
Or maybe because I was attracted to this mystery girl
Either ways, I paid for my meal and left immediately
walking closely behind the stranger.

The cloud was getting misty and dark, and a large cloud had already formed
I walked towards the parking lot, jiggling the bunch of keys I had in my hand
My boyfriend had set up this dinner earlier today, and he’s a ‘no-show’.
In his words, ‘we had grown apart and we needed to talk about the next step’
A part of me thought he was going to breakup with me, wished for it
Another part of me wanted to make things work as well.
I got to my car and saw my mystery lady again
This time, I summoned up courage to talk to her
‘You need a ride?’ I asked
Ten minutes later, she was in the front sit of my car
And we were on our way to her apartment
As if she read my mind, she blurted out
‘None of my relatives died, but I got my heart broken’
I wondered what she meant.
‘I’ve had a crush on this guy for so long now, we were friends, and we knew we liked each other. I just found out he has a girlfriend today. Sad right?’
I told her about my boyfriend’s mystery ‘bestie’ also
And then we rode in silence the rest of the way
. . .
We arrived at her apartment and it dawned on me that I hadn’t asked her her name
Just as we stepped out of the car, we both chorused
I looked at her, and she looked back at me,
I guess we both got our answers
I was the girlfriend she didn’t know
And she was the bestie I didn’t know.


Girl, you good!!!


Thank you