Singles Only! Write a letter to your future partner 😍😍😍


Lol…I get you dear. I’ll drop mine later tho.


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LOL! It will be too long for you to copy and paste sef!!

Even the mere thought of the things I would love to say make words fail me…


Sister please say it! :slight_smile::wink:


Lol… I just saved myself from being too emotional last night, thus I wrote the three lines…

The rest would be for Hubby’s personal consumption before I make people to fall in love here :grinning:


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Pele… It’s all for the best.

Meanwhile, we await your letter o. Not less than 250 words!


Awwww… You this bae… I’m waiting for yours o…


Exactly. There are beyond words


Hmmm…so lovely but y u no put my name?


Warning: what you’re about to read is amazingly long. If you have the mind, carry on! Cheers!

The gushing harmattan wind rushing on my face,running side by side with the early morning rising sun that slides through the closed curtains,has given my body the push to get up and search for my heart rob. I really may not know who you are but,I can perceive you from afar. I’ve waited, prayed,fasted and hoped for you to cross paths with me. Darling,your happiness will always be my concern and as well dear,pardon me in advance for I’m a deadly romanticist. Pardon me in advance to be clingy to you as I wouldn’t want to give any other the chance to access you. Make me your PA and you,my manager.
Sweetheart, let me confess to you that I cook meals bearing you in mind-it feels like I’m preparing your meals and then we sit together and eat from the same plate-how I crave for that! I always perceive your masculine scent which is distinctively different from others and that’s why they’ll never get my attention. Dear,I know you might feel insecure about me-especially losing me to someone else. But know this,if I’m with you,I’ll stick with you regardless of the Otedolas or Dangotes around me,in form of young men or old men. I know somehow out there,you’re toiling hard day and night to double your finance. I understand and I’ll wait patiently for you but my dear,I’m not after you becoming rich before setting your eyes on me. As a matter of fact,I want to build your finances with you by aiding you with my potentials as your wife.
Baby,I won’t be your liability in fact I’m scared you won’t let me work due to jealousy (I love your jealousy tho)but I’ll be stubborn if you force me to stay at home with my suffered degree certificate and acquired skills from different seminars. Please bear with me.
Dearest,you should get use to me reading out the poems I’ll compose for you on the bed without prescriptions or dosages. Permission to almost always read from my book as your stunning and intimidating sight won’t give me the courage to recite them offhand,as I’d always be tempted to concentrate my lips on yours.

Dim,our marriage won’t be like that of the oldies as I’m weird,a “chinch”, very naughty in a fun and good way lol. Don’t complain when I put on your clothes,or your shoes. I’m going to disturb you in a good way by switching off the light when you’re in the bathroom;hiding some of your stuffs so that you get to spend some extra time with me;kicking,pinching and slapping your buttocks when you’re silly or naughty;I don’t know if you have beards but if you do,get ready for " beards pick and drop style"(I can’t be the only one plaiting hair in the house);don’t also think that you’ll fart and go away with it,it’s either I respond by farting or chasing the hell outta you around the house especially if it murders my nose; your eyes will see a lot of spicing definitely and honestly as I don’t want to kill the excitement by telling you everything. Get ready as well for cooking turns,massage turns,bathing turns,hotel bills turns,driving turns and lots of naughtiness.
My love,I can’t compare you with another is it your smile,complexion,height,voice,intelligence and many others not forgetting your love and commitment to God? You’re simply more than enough. I look forward to you asking me to be your forever woman and I can’t wait to wake up every morning with you by my side and to bring forth adorable children that’ll take our traits and continually remind us of our “unfaded love”. I’d be here waiting for your arrival like the second coming of Christ and as I wait,permit me to learn,unlearn and relearn certain things that will keep us glued to our marriage till death do us apart.

Your missing rib,(AKA play play mistress)


Chukwuemeka!!! Bring that palm wine out. @Peacehoney just caused a heartquake on Zegist.

P.S: Women can shoot killer shots sha




You’re wicked o…ahn anh. Please don’t slide into anybody’s DM with this kind of letter o. The inbox will just collapse





My love note




Oh I remember this song!!! So cute…I loveeeet!
Please write letter now.


Beht why na? I’m just here to learn jor. Please drop yours so I can learn from it too