Singles Only! Write a letter to your future partner 😍😍😍


My dear nwanyi oma,

Honey baby on the line. Baby girl acant wait for us to marry. Everyday boys na’eme one thing or the other to make body and soul stay alive. The stress don too much. You know say all this hustle na for make things better for our future.

Ndaa, our love go make country people jealous. I don dey learn some romantic moves for all this small small films. No mind me say I never find you - truth be say beta woman like you no dey easy to find. We go dey plan our business with small small break in transmission for the work of the lord as it was written in Genesis 1:28. I don dey try draw closer to God.

I dey imagine when we go dey send our children go holiday for my mama side make we fit work the work of the lord. Baby girl, I fit no express myself as much but no worry you know as e dey my heart.

Loveena, you know I love you.


What you can do to help Zegist



Oh sweety, we can’t wait to feed our eyes already


Boo of laive abi??? But you are still accepting shots. You can not wear shot proof!!!


This is a strong matter that requires urgent consideration with the parliaments.


Dear Wifey,

To start with, baby can you just send your account number just to appreciate you for waiting and turning down all the Daddy Yos and Malay bois.

I want you to know that as crazy as a man’s world can be, you will always be the first. I will love you for the rest of our lives. I will be your chef, pastor, insurance broker, pain in your neck but best of all the friend you have always wanted.

I’m pretty sure you will be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. We might not have to go on DSTV to show our love but I am pretty sure our love will be scripted in the memories and minds of people. I cant wait to visit the orphanages with you coz I know you are a humanitarian.

There are 2 questions im always going to be willing to ask

  1. Do you need anything?
  2. How did it go?

Despite that we will pray and fellowship with God all the time, za oza room will be on point at all times too.

NB: Make sure you are already learning how to make beans and dodo (golden brown) and please baby let you spoken English not have any stain of strong accent.


Your troublesome double.



Smh :woman_facepalming:t5: I’m done with u!


All of you be running from writing letter o… God dey!




Oya what are you waiting for? Are you posting it here?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Oshey!!! When an Igbo man is in love… :rofl::rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: The golden brown description just got me off balance… :joy:


Hello, my future wife.

Whether you are reading this before you meet me, or stumble upon it after, I want you to know a few things.

The reason I am writing this today is because I can’t stop thinking about you, and I can’t stop myself from imagining how happy we will be. Let this letter be a promise to you that I will do my best to be the man I want to be for you.

I may not yet know all of the difficulties that come with a lifetime commitment, but I have enough relationship experience to know what I want and how I picture my life with the person I will commit to: you.

Those around me are a continuous source of education and inspiration on how I want our relationship to be. So here and today, I vow to try my best to do the following:

I promise to do my best to make you beam daily, so count on many surprises. Your smile will be my priority. I get weak knees when anybody smiles, so just imagine the effort I will make to be the source of yours.

I promise I will always look at you with the same adoration as I did the moment I realized I loved you.

I promise to try to ignite the same sparkle in your eyes I see when you’re surprised, inspired, motivated or when you are about to lean in to kiss me.

I promise to hold your hand when we’re 80 years old with the same liveliness that I did when I crossed that line to hold yours for the first time. I vow never to let the excitement of dating me die down; I will surprise you with the location, the reason or the activity itself.

I promise to keep you guessing where we’re going next. I promise to do my best always to interest you. I will keep reinventing myself, gaining new hobbies, new knowledge and new interests to keep you – and myself – entertained.

I promise to have new stories to share with you, and maybe I’ll retell the best ones again if you insist. Our friendship will continue to grow over the years.

I vow to challenge you to challenge yourself for the better; to make you think differently. I promise to try to feed off of your illuminating energy that will inspire me to do the same with myself. I will do my best to ensure that being bored never crosses your mind.

Even in grief and darkness, I promise to show you the different shades of the dark, and to help you find the tiny rays of light that are always there if you seek them. After all, there’s always worse than worst and better than best; everything is relative.

I promise to kiss you throughout our life together, with the same passion I had the first time I felt my lips on yours. When we kiss, I want it to slow down time – just you and me engulfed in our feelings.

I promise to play the games you like to play.

I promise to do my best to remain physically attractive for you, and I will do my best to be healthy in order to keep up with our children and grandchildren; someone has got to teach them Muay Thai kickboxing. I’ll train you, too; I want you to know how to fight and defend yourself, just don’t use it against me.

I promise to help you to be healthy, both physically and mentally. I will cook and clean for us. Expect the best breakfast: traditional Armenian tomato and pepper omelets, followed by fruit salad with… well, I can’t give all the secrets out.

I promise to strive to be a role model for our children. I want both you and them to see me as a source of motivation. I want to inspire them in the same way that my father inspires me.

I promise to do my best to love your family as you love them and to be by their side as much as I am by yours.

I promise to always listen to you when you simply just want to be heard; when you want someone to vent to about something or when you want advice.

I will listen to you especially when you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with anybody else, and to the things you try to tell me when you’re not even speaking. I promise to always listen.

During our life together, I promise to make sure that you feel as though you are the center of the household – I know you will be – and I will always try to show my appreciation for you because of that. Being the man of the house is nothing without a woman.

I promise never to let my guard down in taking care of us. I know you won’t be one to be satisfied with the bare minimum.

I promise to do everything that I can for you without taking away from your independence physically, intellectually or emotionally.

I promise to create family traditions and to make sure that your legacy lives forever through our children.

I promise to encapsulate the moment when I realize that I am in the most magnetic, amorous and erotic love with you, not to let that feeling dissipate to the best of my ability and to relive it with you constantly, always.

Sincerely, Your Future Husband


Dear future husband,
If you’re reading this, we’re in a relationship already. Lemme epp you out.
Stop playing around, what is wrong with you? You want someone else to come and take ur place ni?
I am tired of having to wonder if every guy that comes my way is you. I know my heart would recognize yours, but I know you could be stubborn like that oh, thinking the heart is confused.
Aswearigad once I meet you I will whoop some sense into your head for all the trouble you put me through waiting for you! And of course kiss you after :grin: I’m crazy like that.
I won’t tell you all those mushy mushy things that those other girls are used to telling you or those words u’re used to hearing. I am a once in a life time kind of girl so you wouldn’t want to loose me to another guy would you? Would you want to risk that? Just be here already.

Let me tell you what you would be missing in case you’re wondering why I’m sounding so arrogant. I’m just confident in myself cos I know what I’m capable of though I’m not perfect.

You would be missing a gist buddy, I mean you can talk to me about everything. You would come back from a hectic day at work and get a good body and feet massage, a forehead kiss while we talk about the eventful things that happened during the course of our days. I can’t wait to steal kisses from you every little chance I get. Pillow fights and deep pillow talks when we both can’t sleep at night.
Oh of course a nicely prepared meal also, you can choose which one you want first, the meal or the shower. I would treat you like a King that you are.
I would always make sure to give you a strip tease and wear sexy lingeries just how you like. Sometimes I could put on a show for you when you arrive from work or when we’re alone in the bedroom or during important events.
I would be open to trying out adventures with you also, trust me I won’t be boring in bed. Just to please you and you alone as I believe you would be well equipped to please me too.
I would pray for you and with you everyday and help to calm you on those crazy days, cos I know life can’t always be rosy. We would always have each other’s back, behind locked doors and outside. I would be the Proverbs 31:10-31 kinda woman cos that happens to be one of my favorite verses in the Bible and my ultimate goal and desire. Especially verse 23.
I would always respect you and run ideas by you first cos God knows I’m tired of making decisions alone. I need to throw down this sword for a while. It’s not been easy fighting this battle called life alone. I need you by my side to defend my honor and protect my pride.
Let me stop here so I don’t blow all my whistle. We would continue unraveling the rest about each other when we’re together. I would definitely crack you up till your stomach hurts and your cheeks can’t hold the laugh anymore. I would love you till we’re both old and grey and we’ll tell stories of our love to our children and grand children perhaps great grand children too?
Yea I hear people say marriage is not easy, but nothing good comes easy right? We’ll both work to make it work out cos we’ve come too far to turn back now. Let’s win together, holding our hands and screaming to the world that we made it against all odds. You and me against the world and our demons baby cos with you by my side, everything will be alright.

Your crazy girl,


@pretyprexy @Mira coman read oh. Shebi I am free now.


Oshey!!! This is too deep!

May God help us fulfill these promises…


Awwwww… See me blushing like I am the man you’re writing about… :joy::joy::joy:

This is too sweeet… I knew your letter would be a hit…




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