Singles Only! Write a letter to your future partner 😍😍😍


Nothing o, I’d be here observing :blush:


To all the men on Zegist, please take note: When a woman says you can tell me everything, please don’t fall for it o. It’s a trap! I repeat, it’s a trap!

@Judy This your love note is just a mix of quarrel, bullying and mushy mushy. The thing be like bitterleaf soup (bitter sweet) :grin:


:joy::joy::joy: Abi… I thought same too…


Getat!! Is it ur trap? :joy::joy:

But I didn’t want to be mushy mushy :woman_facepalming:t5: some of you men can be stubborn like that so it’s good to shoot ur shot anyhow :rofl::rofl:


The only bully I know here is you!!


Well done ma! Chief Shooting Officer!


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Me can i bully anyone?




:joy: :joy: Mahnnnnn!


My Letter


:ok_hand::ok_hand:, this is just so beautiful


This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can see myself saying every single word of this…


Sure God will because his my father and am his son and he has put in me all i need to fulfill these promises as long i follow his command and direction to meet my future partner.


This!!! β€œI am a work in progress, i hope you understand that” :ok_hand:t3:


That coupled with this poem !!!

I’m such a Sucker for Romance …


This is a beautiful verse.



Really romantic and amazing.


Yassss!! Beautiful poem it is :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m coming… Let me get my pen to write.

I crave for you, I love you, but I have not met you yet. My future, my lover and my best friend.

Truth is, sometimes I daydream about you, but the only problem is that I don’t attach any face to you because I’m uncertain if I’ve met you. I doubt if I have though. 🀦

I would have written all I wanted to write, but I want you to be the first to see it whenever I write it. Till then… I won’t wanna make others fall cos I may end up writing in a lovey-dovey way :joy:


@theunofficialomotayo I’m waiting for yours