Sizes And Positions To Satisfy Her


There are different sizes of penises and they all have different ways of satisfying your woman. Most women think only guys with more flesh can satisfy them but research has proven that to be wrong as even men who are not that “gifted” can satisfy their women with the right position. So, you’ve got nothing to worry about if you are not that big in the trouser department, with just the right position you can be the best in bed.

Most women think a guy with a penis size lower than 6 inches would not be able to give them sexual satisfaction but this is just a myth as the right position for this type of penis is the rear-entry, as this offers a deep penetration and also affords the man the right stand as a projector going into her. Let her rest her head and shoulders on a pillow, lift her butt up, then have her squeeze her thighs. The tighter her legs, the snugger the fit.

This particular man here is not that big neither is he too small for fit, you have a penis that bends slightly either to the right, left or upwards, there is nothing to fear or be ashamed of as there are various sex positions that you can employ for utmost satisfaction.

The best for this type of penis is to stand next to the mattress while she lies on it, alternate angling her to one side, then the other, almost curled in a ball. You can use your shoulders for support while you thrusts and find which of the positions feels best for her, depending on which direction your penis bends.

This guy is just so perfect he can try any sex position from the cowgirl to the missionary and also spooning. So, if your man has got this just lock him up and never let him go.

You are so big and because of this you think you are the best and you can satisfy any woman but one thing is you just might be too big for her, so much that you might hurt her.

For the best position, choose her-on-top moves to control how deep you go. Have her lean over your body with her hands on either side of your head on the floor or a mattress, as if she is about to do a push-up. It also helps for you to bend your knees so you can lean back for support.

Let’s see who’s bold enough to comment. We are all here to learn right?



Coughing… I love challenges and I WILL BREAK THE ICE. So @ben @opisthocranium @evansakanno @NaijaMedia @eazeaque @Nneka_Ngene @Gfather @brown_lavendar @ChiQaH all these story na true? I think I may have to agree with @Mariam on this. Women make una talk oo so we can help their cause, don’t come and be suffering in silence.


You guys should just try these styles and let us know if it works.


@Anonymous pls lead us by example.


@Bimz @Mariam I need practicals. I don’t understand these long lines…


We all have to start by buying a ruler to measure and know where we belong.


@bimz, you neva break any ice, you just take style push to us ni:grinning:… well said, i think this is a subject most of us try to dodge, partly for some religious reason, partly because we are not exposed to such talks right from the basic…but it is worth discussing anyway. i think much other factors contribute to how enjoyable a woman find sex, and both the penis and vagina size plays a great role here. normally, if you have between 5.3inches and 6.3inches of penis, you are said to have an average/normal penis, though that doesn’t determine how good you are gonna be in bed, it only means if you meet a partner that has the right size of sexual organ, then you may produce memorable sexual moments with her, but then there comes in your expertise, and of course that of your partner, frigidity, stress and a whole lot of other factors that differentiate between mating, sex and lovemaking, it is an art that people should learn if they really wanna satisfy their partners, if not, upon all your know-how wey you fit carry for head, bro you fit still end up hurting your woman…even if you have the least size of penis…sometimes the size doesn’t matter much, it is how much you are willing to put into it that matters…gbam!!!


@Gfather bros ye, I guess you shld knw where u belong now, abi u no wan spoil your market for here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@eazeaque Oga at the top I hail oo, please share with us the difference between mating, sex and lovemaking. I need more lessons from the expert :sunglasses: BTW, e be like say u gat plenty experience for this size matter :blush:, but me I don learn from this your explanation sha. U have said very well.


Just passing by :grin: @NaijaMedia hmmmmm!! “long lines”


Is this @eazeaque a doctor?


@bimz d way u r going ,you would soon come and be measuring this tin your self oooh. cc @evansakanno @NaijaMedia @Roger


Hayy yakwa!!

My people my people na size of pesin Jonathan we dey measure for here? Well, i get relevant degree in this work so i will tell you the one i can confirm. Most igbo men like me are very endowed - na natural fact. We normally belong to Mr Perfect or better still Mr can she survieve it. I use to fear that i will spoil something with this gadget of mine but i realise na lie. You see, as man dey, we no dey know the extent a woman can expand until childbearing. Yes oo she fit bleed the first time if she be virgin - infact if she be she go bleed. But after that first time e go dey go well, una go dey enjoy am, she go dey belle full.
As for how you go take enter the coven, as @Mariam talk make she be the one to decide by allowing her to stay ontop. As e dey go na she go agree how much of satisfaction wey she require. Good tin be say she go happy sha.

But if you dey on the other side - Nwanne sorry. I can not imagine the mental sadness you will face at a crucial time to deliver your skills. I advise you to follow as @Mariam talk o. Me i cannot contribute on how else to help. I think the squeeze leg matter fit help you sha.

Igbo Kwenu!


@Gfather well… I love challenges and i’m up to the task :muscle::open_hands:


Ole boi yei… @eazeaque, e be like sey you get masters degree for dis subject! You don talk am finish.


PARK WELL O!..if you dey use style find gf abeg arrange yasef and do it well…or else…


Thank you my dear…help me tell him…


You are taking the right step in the right direction…humility always pays…


Please just make your intentions known to my babe and we can either back you up or advise you accordingly…stop this indirect toasting…


My Brother…you have spoken well…just like an elder that you are…ndewo!!!