Sizes And Positions To Satisfy Her


My darling just to confirm, i recommend @igbokwenu …for confirmation purposes ooo, nothing else except it is by your discretion o @bimz, i trust u naaaa…


You just gave yourself away…we all know where you stand now…


@ChiQaH hahahaha, no wahala I’ll be confirming with my head on my neck


Ndaa @ChiQaH anamekele :raised_hands:


@bimz you need the lord.


@Gfather my brother no mind @Bimz , make she carry tape rule come day measure am nah.


There’s a difference between having a big junk in the trunk and knowing how to use the damn thing… I think most times the problem is most guys just don’t know how to use it, average,small or big… Penetration alone ain’t gon do the trick for these girls…coughs :smirk:theoretically speaking


@igbokwenu, it’s like we are twins oo cos even linda Ikeji sef can confirm my own. Abi u no dey notice all those egg plants pictures she dey like to post on her blog. Na me be her inspiration :relieved:


Bananas have earned a bad reputation!
My daughters shall not eat bananas on their own. For anytime i shall buy them a banana i will cut it to tiny bits for consumption.


I think @Yusuf_Bolaji is right. Most of these men just don’t know how to use it and those that are well endowed think they can just satisfy any lady just because they are…Uncle abeg park well.


And suddenly everything in today’s world is about sexism and sexiness!


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