Slay King & Queen Stuff


I think @ruthameh125 is a freak waiting to happen :grin: her husband will really enjoy her. No offense dear.


Yes! Freak in the making. Blessings on that person…


Blood and fresh have not reveal this to you dear​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:




Issokay?! @agbalumo answer so she will know if she should slide or sumersugar into thy life


Oshe dynamo


Tosin! Tosin! Tosin! Which one is sumesugar again? :joy::joy::joy:


Is the opposite of summersault


I swear, this one weak me. :joy::joy:


Slay queen walking braless while their nipples dem popping out , n call it latest trend. Or walk-in in those 14 inch heel and tripping off just to feel like they killed it.? At the end of the day, to them its an achievement.


@Udousen_Ukpeme this thread and @Zegist is not for bashing people without reasonable cause. May I also suggest that you stop making statements like this because it is degrading to women. I imagine you have a sister or female cousin and a mother, GOD rest her soul if she’s passed, how would you feel if someone told your sister “walking braless while their nipples dem popping out”, they would be offended. I don’t know any other way to say this but I would truly appreciate it if you apologized.


You speak like you know me.


But I hardly know you


So why did you have to write like you do? I don’t wear hijab, though I like it and if I can wrap it very well I will wear hijab.


@pretyprexy this is what you’re missing.


Sheila Ndinda’s hair. What do you think ? @fola



I love the blazer and trousers. Shirt’s not bad either.



All but the CK.