Sleeping in Church, my solution


There’s this wind of sleep that sweeps across my face at around 10-15 mins into the message every Sundays. I often can’t help it. It’s always a battle. Can I have a witness?

So I always arm myself with several weapons of warfare like sweet, chewing gum, Tom Tom, chin chin, groundnut, kuli kuli, ipakere, ẹja díndín(fried fish) etc…

Ṣó lóhùn stupid ni :roll_eyes:

For I am not ignorant of the devices of the devil.

How was service today jàre?

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Lol. Only you with all these anti-sleep weapons?
Service today was lit and it was so interesting that you’d hardly see anyone dozing thank you. :blush:


Loool. I don’t know why, that sleep just comes at about that time. Glad you had an interesting service.


My God, the devil is a liar! Better goan
be asking for mercy so that the devil won’t press the sleeping button on you during sermon. :joy:


Looool. He won’t , but with this aforementioned weapons of war, it won’t work.


Okay then, I’d be waiting for a feedback by next Sunday. :smile:


Eja dindin inside church? Hope say u carry cup of garri with cold water join am make e for complete oh…just asking ni oh as a concerned Nigerian


Ha…erm erm… you know…as in…abeg ma.


Hehehehehe…adding Garri go dey too much na. Ẹja dindin is just fine.looooooool




If truly you come to church with fried fish, someone like me won’t sit near you. Don’t ask me why sha.




Lol. Nigerians, you people don’t adhere to notices or instructions. I typed at the end of my message “don’t ask me why?” Lol😂 and you did. My reasons are obvious.


Don’t mind them! Na so dem dey do.




Hahahah… It was great