Stereotypes and prejudice


West Africans hands down are some of the most vocal and opinionated people I’ve met …

In that breath … What stereotypes do you have about Kenya and her people … ?

Don’t hold back …


I have none. I would love to visit sometime.


The Kenyans I know are party animals, and drink a lot. Never a dull moment with these folks.


Karibu Kenya :kenya:. #HakunaMatata


Yep … this is one stereotype that’s actually true …


Ermmm… It’s usually believed that Kenyans are not just dark, but black.

I know that is not true though. See the likes of Nick Mutuma(oh, I almost thought that guy is a Nigerian… ), and of course you, our beautiful @KubasuInyanya. I’ve seen other good looking, and not black Kenyans.

I’m really not the type to ascribe a single story to a place or group of people, especially when I’m yet to see them/visit the place.

So, for me, I have no stereotype. Would love to visit Kenya one day… At least, I will learn to climb hills and overcome the height phobia.


Kenya Super Cool folks, I got nothing on them.
They are Nice people to do business with
I know Kenya Man can get married to 3wives. I’m looking forward in drinking your teas.
I like Victoria Kimani


Lol that’s a new one… I haven’t heard us being associated with a certain colour… I’m assuming like the south Sudanese )

You are right we are very very diverse in terms of colour … from extremely dark everything in between to extremely light skinned …

Karibu Kenya @Mira Mt Kenya is waiting for you … :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5:


@Temidayo yes That’s true Many Kenyans are quite industrious… Yes Polygamy still happens …

Our tea is the Ish !!! Number One in the world … Karibu Kenya for a tea/Coffee date … :coffee:️:coffee:️:coffee:️

Yes Victoria Kimani Is good at what she does

  1. Kenyans are starving and hungry

  2. Kenyans are dark skinned, as in South Sudanese dark skinned

  3. Kenyans are math geniuses

Those are the top 3.


Yes. Most Kenyans are alcoholics.


Never had any stereotype whatsoever about Kenyans as I’ve not met anyone from that region. I followed Maraji on Instagram when she visited Kenya and I was amassed with the land mass, animals in the country. I would love to visit Swahili Beach Resort in Mombasa. The water is so blue and clear from the pictures (hope this applies to real life tho)


We’re not alcoholics @agbalumo​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


oh please. Kenya has an alcohol problem and you know it. why lie…


Before I had a Kenyan friend, I had the impression that Kenyans love alcohol and partying a lot and that the girls are promiscuous. I met my very good Kenyan friend Phennie/Fenny and she changed this impression. She’s a really sweet and fun girl. I found out that most Kenyans talk so fast ( I thought I talked fast), are not so dark like the Ugandans and they love Nigerian movies.


KYeeesss to Fenny repping us well…

  1. We do love partying and alcohol but an equal number is also chilled out
  2. We’re not as promiscuous as portrayed but I must say we are more liberal and open minded in our views regarding sex
  3. Yep Nigerian movies come second after Telenovelas … You guys have drama for daaaaaayyys
  4. Still surprised about the colour thing … Didn’t know about that stereotype

Karibu Kenya :kenya: Judy

See below two of our current club bangers … Twerk like nobody’s watching !!!


Oh I loooooove Souti soul. The tall guy there is my favorite.


Lol Bien Aimé … I’d have introduced you but your Nigerian Sister has already stolen his heart …


Oh damn! :woman_facepalming:t5: all good…the heart still came to Nigeria :grin:


:joy::joy::joy:… Better half a loaf