Stop Tweeting About The #ENDSARS Movement! It Must Continue


We have been hearing, reading and possibly contributing with tweets to end SARS but let’s take a break to really think about this request. Do we really need the government to end and eliminate SARS entirely or just clear off the bad eggs from the pack?
Sincerely in my opinion, i think despite the fact that there are more bad guys there than the good ones, SARS should not go. I strongly believe some people that started this tweet started it from a bad spot. If this stops, lives would be lost because armed robbers would attack people freely along the roads and no one will be there to save them.

Yes people have had too much bad stories to share than good, but if we push to stop them, Nigerians will pay dearly for it. If you know anyone tweeting about this, tell them to stop!!!1

Strictly my opinion, if you have something else to counter what i stated here, hit the comment section, but i doubt you can win this.


How do you intend to sieve out needles out of a haystack?


I kinda get your point, the whole NPF needs to be scrutinize, there are just too many bad guys in the force.

Had a recent experience with them. It was about 11:15 pm when le boo received a call that his close friend has been in an accident around oworo, had to jump in with him, na so these police people stopped our car for no reason around that Anthony turning o, asking for particulars and all sorts, after providing everything they asked for, these guys started asking stupid questions about where we’re going to and some other unreasonable questions. That was how this said he was going to arrest us o, and he was saying it to our face that he could hurt us and nothing will happen. He eventually set us free after several begging and when we called a Police guy we know to talk to him.

Point is, they’re doing more harm than good to Nigerians. They’re a threat to the citizens which shouldn’t be.


Guys this SARS issue I am deeper than I thought, check out this time thread. I felt so scared after I went through it.







Wow! The whole police force is jxt rotten.


dude I am scared shitless right now. This proves a suspicion I’ve had for a while. I always felt like it wasn’t normal for law enforcers to be this bad and their bosses look the other way.


As in. So how do they fight criminals when they are more than criminals? It’s sad menh


This is so disheartening. It explains in details the missing answers to a lot of questions. God help us!


This is really bad!!! This is scary! I hope I will be able to go out of the house :weary::sob:


speechless!1 :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Hmmmmm… This is very deep and serious. So we are the ones killing ourselves? nah… This is just bad! Its so obvious we are in deep shit in this country! We can only run to God for safety and no one else.


WoW! spilling the all these with so much boldness :open_mouth: I hope this won’t put this guy in danger.
The force is shitty, God help our lives.


Is it not Nigeria wey we dey…corruption is within us and we would never know even kids been born have that trait in them now.

I see police men and I’m scared. You come to Ajah, you see them smoking Indian hemp with agberos. The way these SARS men carry guns, you will think they are sharing guns for free in this country. Buhari and every leader has failed us.
See a keke man complaining to us, their union would take money from them everyday, our police men and women would also take their share then what’s left for them to eat after the day’s job.

See, them beating and killing people who they are called to protect. It is well… We don’t even know who is real again in this country, we can’t defend for anyone except ourselves.


Abi o… Trust me!


Very soon, it will be difficult knowing the real truth