Suicide Note


Hey There?, I am talking to you reading this note, yeah you, I am finally gone you know, cheers!!, Don’t Cry and please don’t wish anything I beg you, Its a relief right, for now, maybe not you, but for me it is indeed a relief, that is why I chose the most painful way to go, I mean it did not feel like shit, cause I have always known pain non-stop, I don’t blame anyone, not you especially, I mean you are so busy, I am such a cry baby to want to just have my friend around EVERY TIME!!!, Very Creepy and Needy right, I am not angry at the world, I am just tired of the antics, People who become psychologists when they hear you are suffering from depression, " Stop being SAD!!", Yeah someone said that to me and to add salt to injury, “You are always SAD”, I mean he had a point I was always sad and not play victim, why couldn’t I ever lighten up, be happy for once, I tried but you don’t want to know that, I planned to make this short, so I can carry on with killing myself, seeing more this world is really tearing me apart, I want a wish for my funeral, please don’t wear black, nobody should, there should be wine and the finest wine in the world in the world, If that is too much, Just party!!!, I will be partying too wherever I am…HEAVEN OR HELL!!!


Rest :sleeping_bed: in oeace