Super Mother

On Monday morning on my way to school, I was 4 years old. My mother had forgotten my school lunch box at home and decided that she should buy snacks and give me instead of going back to get the food and delay me for school.
It was break time and as a snacks girl by then, I rushed my snacks with joy and happiness considering the way I hate taking food to school cos it won’t be as fresh at it was in the morning. It was like God has blessed me :grinning:. As the break was getting over, my class teacher decided to go round the class and check if we have eaten and by then I had rushed the snacks as if it will spoil in the next minute :joy: . On getting to me, she asked “Veronica, where is your food?” I said, “Aunty, my snacks has finished” She got angry and said “How can you come to school without food and just snacks?” I confuse o :confused:. Ah ah, Aunty but… Before I could say anything, she flogged me to bleed that I can never forget till date. I can’t tell if she was on her mensis or her biological child offended her 🤷🏽 I cried angrily and sat outside the school waiting for my mum to show up till school over.
My mother coming from afar saw me sitting in front of the school gate crying seriously with my injured body, with her surprised and worried face she asked what happened and I explained everything. With tears in her eyes She asked us to go home, I got angry thinking that she was not going to do anything about it, not knowing that there was a tomorrow package. After all the pleas and bribe, I decided to be calm and let it go.

Tuesday morning, on my way to school with mum. We got to school, crossed the assembly and went straight to the classroom where my teacher was marking others assignments. Mumsy asked me to sit down and enjoy my snacks :wink:, locked the door and called her out of her sit and asked “Madam, what did my daughter do to you too deserve this kind of treatment” she explained that I was careless by forgetting my food at home. My mum was surprised with the excuse, considering the fact that she bought me snacks in place of the food. That day was the first time I saw my mum in action. She flogged sense where the sense would have fallen out from. The teachers and staffs were outside knocking but mumsy close ear for that side o. When she was done she opened the door and explained everything that had happened and that was the last day I stepped my foot into that school. The school authorities kept on apologizing considering the fact that other parents started questioning the school after seeing my condition. My mum’s actions healed me instantly, both physically and emotionally. :blush: My super MOM! :grin:


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