Take me back to the good old days


Sometimes last week I was starving and went to an amala joint to relieve myself of the hunger. Hunger is a very bad thing you know.
So I ordered for some amala oh, you needed to see the way they were using that their plastic spoon to scoop out the amala as if I came to beg :tired_face::sweat:. That’s how I ended up eating 4 wraps of amala oh! 100# one hundred naira per wrap. Then the ogufe(goat meat) was 500# five hundred naira, just because I carefully selected the meaty part, the other normal bony ogufes were 400#.
The gbegiri was not that great but it was Ok. At least it satisfied my hunger.

I thought I won’t be able to finish the amala because I’ve been feeling bloated lately and it was almost evening before I ate it. To my greatest surprise, I cleared the plate oh. Just laidat :roll_eyes::open_mouth: 1000# on top amala!! I bought bottled water with the remaining 100# that’s how it was 1k, I sabi maths and please nobody should just call me a foodie :smirk:
That was when I remembered the good old days when I used to come back from school at mile 2, my mum would leave 20# twenty naira for me as lunch money. I used to go to Iya Belgium at festac amuwo odofin to buy my regular lunch that looked just like the above picture inside stainless bowl. Iya Belgium would even give me small meat as “fisi” (dash).
I was one of her regular customers then :joy::joy:, 20# sef na money abeg. We supported the ministry. Now I hear she’s a big woman in festac and has even handed the business over to her children.

I miss the days of 20# amala mehn! Those were good old days.
Share your good old days experience let’s reminisce together.

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Hahaha, only you! That designer amala in the pic looks appetizing sha.

In Unilag those days, there was one popular joint in the complex just between Mariere and Jaja halls. Can’t quite remember her name now but her beans, plaintain and Agege bread combo was to die for. If you see the queue ehn, just be prepared to wait at least 20mins especially when it’s late morning or early afternoon. Then, ofcourse, there was the usual jazz speculations that she used toilet water from the halls to get her customers hooked. I sha remained under her “curse” throughout my 5yrs at Lag.


See my sister… I wish I can share the picture of the one I cleared last week thursday… I think it was about 1k for all and I ate like 12 pieces of meat OR so… I just dey throw am for mouth like small chops. Gbogbo tinu eran ki lo shey fe si… roundabout, abodi, edo, shaki, fuku… lol… It was a blissful Thursday afternoon…

Secondary school days ooo… We sneak out from the hostel after Saturday classes for White House amala with Bogo… That was life mehnnn Bogo was just 20naira , it was bone that you have to search for meat in between… LOL… The hustle was real


Good Lord… Bless me with this :weary::weary:

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Amala lovers una well done ooo I’d pass :unamused::grinning:, @Judy I also have a #20 experience from childhood, mine was bread and akara(I know it’s called bean cake, let’s leave it as akara :grinning:) the bread was round soft and yellow sold for just #10 while a professional akara fryer down the road makes the rich tasty akara for #5 each, now the ones sold for #50 each are smaller and that bread is now nothing less than #150 that’s how our economy has degraded, we would slice the round bread in two, open it like a round book, insert the two mighty akara and close it, the rest is history. Back then my brother and I nicknamed the bread & akara combo “10 10”, it’s clear that 10 10 is no more than a memory now.


If they don’t wash yansh inside soup, it is toilet water they will use to magnet customers.

Good old days was way back in secondary school when I only needed ₦50 during break to buy 2 donuts and 1 lolly. That was standard thing to eat during break. By the time we got to SS3, ₦200 naira was barely enough to fill our stomachs. The price of everything changed.

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We need not na…if there is one thing I still love to eat is African salad

I’m talking about those good old days experiences na…I’ve tasted African salad and it’s nice when prepared nicely

It was because I was feeling bloated I didn’t add orisirisi inu eran and all.

I miss secondary school days jam doughnut 20# too. We used to go queue for it during short break. When did things become so expensive?


There was the same speculation about Iya Belgium too. But people kept trooping in. Food business is good business.

You’re missing…

@Enigma bread and akara is bae mehn! Especially the small burnt akara…the crunchy ones.

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Hmmm… Issorait :baby_chick:

I dey tells you.

I’ve noticed girls are in love with those crunchy small akara,@ the akara spot,I see them being particular about it being added. Make una kontinu!

@Yeye @Roger @Judy do you people know that the “wash and put” thingy Issa true something?



Iya basira by style plus explained it all :joy::joy: that song was a hit!



@Drew @Enigma @evansakanno @Yeye @theunofficialomotayo @NaijaLander @Christalkad @opisthocranium @jyde247 please how much was goody goody that year?



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Ohhhh my God!!! This was always sticking up but I couldn’t get enough…

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Candy of life!!

OMG I almost shed a tear when I saw this - goody goody I loved the song in the Ad too. Mr. Goody Goody.

Goody goody was the prize to me. I eat like 10 in a hour, the texture leaves pieces in your teeth.

Yummy yummy yummy :yum:


I can’t even remember.

Do you guys know they’ve started producing Choki Choki again? The Malam near the office sells is 10 10 Naira.