Talk before you think -Think before you talk. Which are you?


Does your tongue move faster than your brain?

Do you respond quickly while your mind is still processing information?

Do you wait to respond until you have fully thought something through or you just speak before thinking?

Being aware of your own thought amd speech pacing patterns will not only help you understand yourself better, but it will also make you more aware of the patterns of the people around you.

I do talk before i think or filter through with my next choice of words. Makes me talk faster. People dont kinda understand.

Am i the only one in this category? Lemme know


I think before I talk.

When I am joking, I know I am joking, and hey, I laugh a lot and tease my friends too.

When I am serious, I also know I am serious.

Sometimes, I withdraw my words before it leaves my mouth, if I know it may hurt and not heal. I don’t speak anyhow.

I am in charge of what I say. Thus, I am responsible for my words.


I think before I talk. And some times people get impatient when I don’t respond immediately. They may ask a question that looks simple to them but I need time to think and process the question and a possible answer. I also need to think of how to express my words in thoughts and sometimes I think if it is worth it talking at all.


seems am the rogue one. i do feel it may appear that you don’t have an idea to the question or a possible answer. kinda makes the other person think one’s dumb. i can’t have that.
respond quickly and accurately seem nice


Could you relate this in business meetings. fast meetings to be precise. How could you withdraw words you werent meant to say or respond with (esp when you do a re-think that it could be the wrong response)


I believe everyone thinks before they talk, whether negatively or positively.

Before you think of even calling someone names, for instance, you have already called them those names in your mind.

Business meeting or normal conversation, you think before you talk, whether you are under pressure or not.


Thank God you said a re-think, meaning, you thought before you spoke at first.


if tension hook you, you will talk before you know you have brain, let alone think with it.


you really find trouble come. but wrong address Shez… waka go front


Which address?