Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense


This is funny and at the same time not funny. Should we just start homeschooling our kids?
There are so many teachers and lecturers that are way under qualified for the teaching job because they themselves are not well educated. So how can the blind lead the blind?

Is this the best way to explain the function of the head?

And this was written by a gifted and prolific writer

Have we run out of practical words beginning with letter D?




Take a closer look at “ABOUT THE AUTHOR”

Oby F. Udo (Ibida) is a gifted and prolific writer because she didn’t study anything relating to Education (as you’ll find out in the next sentence) and yet earned the title of a gifted and prolific writer. She obtained her B.Sc in Business Administration, Anambra State University Uli after sitting for JAMB twice and combining WAEC and NECO.

She has spent years searching for a job that relates to Business Admin before she resolved to writing in so many short stories and magazines and distributing them to bus-stops around Lagos to make ends meet. After all, it is all about business administration.

Like you said @Yeye

  1. we need a body that vets every book our children use in school.
  2. And parents, stop buying books for your children/wards at the bus-stop…except you want them to use their “head to carry load”. But I tell you, not everyone will be Olajumoke
  3. As God will provide, one of the best things a parent can do for his child is to take them to a very good school. Not the one founded by “Oby F Udo”.

I remember my Primary & Seconday school days, you are not going home at the end of the session until you collect the “List of Books” you’ll need for the next session…and your report card of course. :wink:

Is your Pastor more popular than your God? (Pastor Bob)

Chaiii…our times were the best ,schools and learning was so much fun cos we got quality teachers and conducive environment for learning !.
Nowadays u see people using back of an uncompleted building as a school…no wonder a giraffe was drawn and called a mousse!
Smh…till light fades


Its a pity!!!


I think one example of a physical function of the head is (in a football setting) to hit a ball into the net. That’s better than the suffering associated “carry load” :smirk: I’ve heard a teacher in one of these govt unapproved primary schools calling out names of leaves to the pupils, she said no1 waterleaf no2 Ugu :smile: I wonder her those kids will learn that Ugu is pumpkin leaf. Too bad, the education sector is decaying monumentally.


At times I’m compelled to laugh in pains. The book said it all and like @Yeye and @Oluwarufus noted, we really need to be careful. But I’m more concerned about the education itself and the regulators so-called. I’ve always maintain that we must declare a state of emergency in education. Take a look at this; education ‘regulator’ cannot spell board. Tell me it is ‘typo’ error and I’ll understand why the function of head is “for carrying load”.




Heyyyyy @Scinivie, I miss your English oooo
Welcome…and you are very correct.


Lol @Oluwarufus, Don’t mind me o’jare. We just want to kill ourselves over other people’s language. Even the English people don’t bother themselves that much; they only claim to have ‘accent’.


Never say never. Its all about your perception…:wink::joy:


apparently, we have :joy::joy::joy:

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen through out this month :joy:…mhenn God help us in this country o.


The author actually said “the most popular way” :woman_facepalming:t5:




Last time my son’s teacher made an error in what she taught them in classs, she received a very long note from me stating her mistake and the correction.

Next day, my son came back from school saying she taught the topic again and did the correction.


Correct woman :+1:t5:

Thank God you are educated. I feel sorry for children of uneducated parents. They wouldn’t be able to spot any error(s) in such work. They’ll simply just trust the judgment and knowledge of their children’s teachers.




I actually just noticed the “catch it” written by the guy’s mouth.

This is just messed up.


The author doesn’t want to talk to kids about sex.


But this is a really nasty illustration. Now it looks like the guy is taking a dump in the woman’s mouth.

Welp, the young readers will grow up to understand things better.


haha! yes.

These kids are probably going to be disgusted for a while.