Teaser: If you pack your bags Now, where would you love to go to?



The office - Cregital

Renaissance Hotel (I still want to go back to that place)

Home (I miss my family)


Home, I miss my mum


Sorry for how long are we to stay in this said place we are packing to?


Very cool hotel. Love the ambiance.


Mauritius. …beside the beach. :sunglasses:


Pls book tickets for two now… I’ll be ur travel companion :sunglasses:


I’d love to tour all the schengen states. This is the real life! There are so many beautiful places to visit


J’aime ça. Madame @Judy :smile:


Je ne parle pas francais Monsieur @abnetz. Je parle Deutsch.


Las vegas




Aha! Moi aussi :grinning: @abnetz


I really do miss my family
I haven’t seen dem for almost a year nw

Going back to my fillage


Is there no place to tour in Nigeria again ni?
See as truth dey fly comot for ppl body
God bless nigeria


:smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk: u goan tour the place now. What’s ur own with our own?


So is me DAT no knw beta thing abi
I shud be touring Ekiti wen my mate the tour las Vegas
Issokay :unamused:




Oh! Zal graag leren :smile: @Judy


Bienvenue à bord de ma femme