Teaser: If you pack your bags Now, where would you love to go to?


Omo, I’ll leave Nigeria o, relocate to Canada and start a new life :neutral_face:


Ma let’s go together but still no place like home jare


Ma femme???
@abnetz I thought I was your woman
@Judy I thought you were my sister
@pretyprexy is this the kind of bridesmaid you wanted to give me



I’ll love to visit the UAE


Hahaha! Ma femme, is a courtesy. .

You @Aniekan tu es mon coeur :heart:
@Judy & @pretyprexy remain bridesmaids.


This here is Dutch(Holland). I speak Deutsch (German) :stuck_out_tongue: @abnetz


Oh my Jesus! I didn’t do anything now! :no_good_woman: maybe he meant to say Mon Ami @Aniekan


It will definitely be Oshogbo… It just has to be. Or i’ll find one island where it is just me and the locals jawe…


Urgh. I have a lot to learn. French does it for now.
How fluid is Deutsch compared to French.


Both are the same for me…they both have conjugations, feminine,masculine and neuter gender. And some words are pretty similar to English, of course after u dig deep. On the outside it sounds difficult,but it’s not


Not one place! Kill 4 birds with one stone- Shenghen Visa used to the fullest! I’ll backpack through France (especially see Paris and live!), Germany (Bauhaus Design School- I just want to see the building), Italy (walk the streets of Florence) and Spain (check out all of Gaudi’s buildings)!


Fuji house of commotion


@theDesignBender sister let’s go together. We should visit Austria too beautiful place,Greece, Brussels, Amsterdam… Oh now I’m just wishing I could teleport like all these Edo pipu @pretyprexy how far now? U knw anywhere I can do the juju?


Why me? We are not witches…


:joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: @teleport! I swear that would be the real ish! Yes to Brussels! I saw a beautiful destination there online, all purple(y). Can’t remember the name of the place. I haven’t checked out Greece or Austria. A big YES to Amsterdam. So when do we leave @Judy!!!


Sister, can i follow you too? :blush: I will carry bag.


What kind of language are you guys speaking?:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

You people want to intimidate me abi? God dey!

cc: @abnetz and @Judy


Wow! I am enlightened. Thanks so very much.
Will pick up the basics. Got free materials to share?


The little French that I know :laughing: @Judy


Try Duolingo. I use it with my students and it’s pretty good for basics