Teaser: If you pack your bags Now, where would you love to go to?


@theDesignBender Greece is a beautiful historical place,saw some breathtaking structures. I think after the pyramid in Egypt, Greece has a lot of history. We leave when @pretyprexy shows us where and how to teleport, then we can take her along :joy::joy: :joy::joy:


We’re speaking language now! U want to learn? @pretyprexy


:joy: you’re welcome. When it’s time to carry bag don’t forget you made this comment :sunglasses:


Tu parle francais??? Please teach me!


Oui. un peu. A little though @theDesignBender


I’m down! Hope the jazz will come with proper instructions? Don’t want us to go and get stuck in mid-air!


Ah! Un peu too! But you seem to know quite a lot, you write French well. I think it’s time to dig up those French tutorials


We’ll read some harrypotter (how to fly on broomsticks) stuffs too if @pretyprexy’s juju doesn’t work well. Then we’ll leave her mid-air and continue our journey :joy::joy::joy:


A medical cum IT student trying to get into Quebec.
It was compulsory, I had to learn :laughing:


Ah, I see. Quebec! One place I always thought I will end up- well because they speak French really and the place is so picturesque (well from the images I saw on the internet). Is it as beautiful as shown online? Quaint?


:rofl::rofl: okay!


Can you people just leave @pretyprexy alone. she says she is not a witch! How can you disrespect her like that Ehn? :rage: She is a Senior Member of the Coven, She has become the principality… She doesn’t even use groundnut again, she teleports… Abeg, share me the manual too :joy::joy::joy:


100 percent sans aucun doute. What you see is what you get. :+1:


:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:What have i done to deserve this?


And you say you are my paddy?

Oh my Gawd!!!:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


@theDesignBender we shall do private tutoring…and leave @Judy mid-way!:blush:


@Judy better sell your market now o


Your 2nd name is beach :raised_hands::heart_eyes:


You know this!


Cregital !
I love how they are more of a family than colleagues. They’ve tortured me enough with their lovely IG pictures. Lol