Ten Important Questions coming from alleged COZA Rape


Men of God are referenced all over the world with different names such as General Overseer, His holiness, His lordship, His grace, His Eminence and the lord’s general. They are no doubt messengers and oracle of God.

Are men of God beyond temptation? They certainly are not.1 Corinthians 10:12 admonish Christians “Let anyone who thinks he stands to take heed lest he falls” Judas Iscariot despite being a disciple of Jesus, the devil still entered him and led him to betray Christ. This brings us to the issue beforehand the alleged rape of Pastor Fatoyinbo of COZA on Busola Dakolo.These ten questions present themselves before every discerning mind to look further and make out their personal opinion on the matter.

The ten questions are:

  1. Where did the alleged rape take place?
  2. When did the alleged rape take place?
  3. What was the victim of the rape putting on as at the time the rape took place?
  4. Did anybody see the victim before the incident took place?
  5. Why did it take the victim this long to speak out?
  6. What was the relationship like before the alleged rape?
  7. Was the relationship seemed to be intimate?
  8. Was anybody around when the alleged act took place?
  9. Did the man of God make advances to her before the alleged act?
  10. What was her relationship between her and men before the act?

There are many questions beyond these ones and you can add your own question to it.

We are acting on human knowledge but God who sees beyond these questions certainly know the truth.