The art of depression


Depression is like drowning.

It starts simple really. Whether you know or don’t know how you got into the water, you well know your in. You begin to loose control your balance in the murky situation. Nothing seems certain anymore, you cannot make sense of what’s around you or how you feel about it. You’d reach out for help but people don’t understand your situation, the few who do tell you to get yourself out of it and as such, you’re left to struggle. Soon, you’d forget asking anyone else. You paddle with your hands, you kick with your legs but you realise that the more you fight, the deeper you go. It feels inevitable, but you keep struggling. Besides, you shouldn’t loose hope, right? You get deeper…and deeper and slowly realise that clinging is pointless, and so your fight slows down not necessarily because you are tired at this point.

You see bubbles from your breath leave you. You’ll no longer ask for help. What’s the point? They wont care. Why should they? They’ll waist time and resources reaching you now so they are better off without you. They deserve better, much better. You are doing them a favor, this feels justified, planned you’d agree. And at that last moment, when you are truly alone in that deep ocean, you look around you and think “….beautiful…so quiet and beautiful…” and then you let go.

Now I have never been on brink of suicide but I have almost drowned before and my minds wanders a lot. So this is how you save someone who is in depression:

Don’t scream at someone drowning in water, jump in, swim to where they are and hold their hand. You don’t have to say a word because your presence there show that they aren’t alone. Hold them in that ocean, paddle your hands and kick with your feet together till you both are out of it. We are all learning to stay afloat.

Reach out to the depressed and save a life.