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We are one of the many blogs or websites you see around the world with just one aim and which is to UPLIFT ARTS and the TALENTS behind them.
However, through this journey, many have stumbled and many still will (that’s the truth)
We are trying to build a commune for all things art, yup ALL!
Be it
-visual or any kind of artistic display, so far it is art, it is welcome here.
In essence poems, articles, photographs, drawings,sketches, paintings, short stories, fiction and non are all welcome under this hut.

For every artist who feels like this hut is home
They can submit their works to us

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@Sarala Balachandran crafts a story-telling poem on one of the world’s most notorious life-terminator, suicide claiming nearly 1,000,000 lives or more per year and on a daily for several numerous reason.
She delivers a call-to-action ‘Help the oppressed and depressed’

Click to read this poem.

#ArtHut #Poetry #Suicide #NoToSuicide #DoNotKillYourself


‘Please help me,
I am no longer myself’

with so many individuals going through emotional distress in the world today, Ayomide Olabisi Saar Haywhy sends a message to ‘he who listens’ to please aid the depressed amidst us as they are obviously everywhere.

Ends his work with ‘Now is never late but later is late’

Click to read this poem

#ArtHut #Poetry #DepressionKills #DepressionIsReal #EmotionalTrauma


They appear to be the messiah, but are they really?
A word is sent to the potential leaders of nations who do not live up to the expectations of the citizenry but instead take spoils off where they didn’t war.


What can one do without another?
Why not give accord when due?
Respect is the seed of greatness, why not give it when it should be given?
Click to read ‘RESPECT’ by @Sahaj Sabharwal


In marriages, individuals should learn to never attack stereotype to acts done in the union, since it has always been two people bonding, they should face the duo when issues arise and not one (especially not the female)
@Chidiebere Nwokedi (CANP) gives his notion on this in ‘MARRIAGE - stereotypical advice’.

Click to read this article.


‘GIVE IT UP’ is a thriller that promises to entrench fear and suspense in the heart of the reader.
Enjoy this work of art by @Dominion Ojiofor via


A individual receives the best kind of entreaty from the granny.
Click to read ‘VOICE OF MY GRANDMA’ by @Tijan Kabbah


When life holds us so tight, we just want to find a way to let out the pain we’ve been through in a sheet.
Click to read ‘I WANT TO WRITE’ by @Magaret Wairimu


Where is the true beauty of African and her daughters who’ve turned away from her originality to another?
Kelly Juuz (KELLY JUUZ) asks the needed question to beauty in ‘UNSOLD BEAUTY’

Click to read ‘UNSOLD BEAUTY’


Sing; little one- your voice needs to be heard, your stories need to be told.
Don’t let the fire in you be kindled even before they are hot.
Mohau Abdul Raheem sends a message to all the young talents out there.

Click to read ‘SING, LITTLE ONE’ by Mj Mohlope


This is a poem on the excessive usage of smartphones and how it’s killing our functionality in the world.

@Sahaj Sabharwal gives a poem as regards this.
Clcik to read ‘SMARTPHONE’.



HOW CAN I BE SURE OF YOUR LOVE?, when you hide your trueness from me.
@Stanley Chem Yelnats writes an interesting poem on love.
Click to read this interesting poem.


How about you raise a voice to ‘HELP ME FIGHT FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION’?
Visit to read this thoughtful poem by Daisesta Goldine


It takes you just one message, ‘HELP ME TELL IT TO HER’,
Please help me tell her that I love her, or don’t tell her it’s me.
Enjoy this hilariously poem by Poetic_Hans via


There’s a feeling that continuously says ‘KEEP IT UP’

Click to read this interesting poem by Inufin Emmanuel Ayomide


@Rachel Stephens send a message to the ladies in the entertainment industry, they should embrace diversity and uniqueness.

Click to read ‘HUMAN AND SISTERS’


A sensitive poem on the recent butchery of albinistic individuals in some parts of the world especially African nation, with ‘I FEAR FOR MY LIFE’

Visit to read this disheartening work of art by Mumu Da Poet



Ever fell in love unwillingly?

There might be a problem when trying to aid someone emotionally without attachments when such person has other thoughts
This is an hilarious by Akwana Wa Odera.
Visit to read



Sometimes, the ones cased as dumb might actually be the best solution providers to our problems, maybe the silent one there is your problem solver too?

Visit ‘INTROVERT’ by Ogbo Minister Prosper via