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The saying ‘Man proposes, God disposes’ can never be right without poeple experiencing some losses as such as the fragile egg in ‘WHY’ by Magaret Wairimu

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We sometimes want to change the fact that we’ve lost them to the unbeatable, we just want to get them back but all we’ve got are memories.

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It’s quite sad to regret living a life that wasn’t yours at the end when you realize you’ve had on ‘WASTED YEARS’
Prisca Aniemeke delivers a thoughtful poem

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What would you do if you were God?, let’s wonder together
Tijan Sanutee Kabbah drops his own view of what the world would be in this interesting poem ‘IF I WERE GOD’
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Ilesanmi Seun drops a short story emphasizing both the advantage of parent’s prayers, and the involvement of God in cases of implications.




SALLY CAN’T WAIT, she’s vexed and tired of you
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Perhaps, I would solve a lot of problems if I were a poet but sadly I am not a poem, or am I?
Kindly answer Ntando Dumani’s question in ‘IF I WERE A POET’




When marriages go bad and the love in it dies, life becomes more painful than being dead.
The ring symbolizes union but can also mean slavery!
Think wisely as @Musa Mukelwa Mumu Simelane drops a thought-provoking poem on ‘THE RING’

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Do you have an advice for the kids with parents dead before they were birthed?
There are so many kids being dumped in orphanages, left unsure with what to do in the future, @Emmanuel Ojelade (@Emmiasky Ojex) writes a lullaby in ‘CRY NOT, LITTLE ONE’

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This time around, it seems our foreign gods can’t do the job, perhaps tradition might take the win as Kelly Juuz goes native on this one in ‘I SUMMON THE GODS’

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Shame on you!!!
Grow up and become a real man, not the coward standing in our fronts claiming he too is a man.

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If these and more are not what should be termed LOVE then we wonder what is!
Enjoy this interesting poem MINE WAS NOT LOVE by Lewis Wamwanda


Please let’s give accolades to those whom due and this time around it is for the women,
who’re constantly fighting for their say in the world of today, who refuse to give in to society demands but keep their head up high.
Michael Nichol Kamara writes an ode to you.

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Jarrod Lacy writes an lyric to his late grandma who’s view of life amuses and wishes well for.

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Do you know depression? What is depression?
Can you answer the questions that roam crazily in the heads of many?
Margaret tears her soul and body on paper as she answers the what about depression.

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Has the thought ever gone through your mind?
What would be done if people truly had the power they sought?

Well, I don’t think it’d do anyone good and so does Iviero Judith Stella.


What a failure is the world, filled with hate when it’s easier to love and cater for one another.
Lyttletom Oluseun gives his piece in VENAL

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Many times, our success do occur, and may time they do not because of what we think it is, Sahaj Sabharwal gives a compelling poem to this effect in LARGE RESULTS IN A LITTLE


While we waste time doing unnecessary things all day long, many people actually forget that TIME IS NOT WAITING for none, Janet James draws a poem for us to see this in NATURED BEAMS.



Just a look into the world of today, it’s not difficult to see what the quest to gather money causes individuals, perhaps we can change it?
Esther Andaye thinks so.