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Someday, we will all be gone, what shall be left?
Are you thinking, Reagan Mumo is.



What works for one might not work for another, and thus your view of love might not be so for another, Lewis Wamwanda gives his view of love via


All our stuggles are up to a point, when the one who takes us comes.
Enjoy WHEN LIFE ENDS by PencilMan via


Have we not lost it?
We’re losing our green daily yet keep on doing it?
Perhaps, we all need to go back home

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It’s awkward the things growing up makes one do, the feel to constantly do the wrong things and the pain it causes when the deed’s been finally done.
Enjoy MY SISTER’S BODY by Jeremy Karn via



Sometimes, the situations we face daily makes us feel like we need to bare our hearts to the one who supposedly made us, John Chizoba Vincent delivers his heart in a letter to God.
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If Nigeria were a book, what would you paint it in?
Iviero Judith Stella paints her green white green in what all citizens can relate to.
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Ever felt your loved one changing colors like a chameleon?
Valary Jeruto does and it’s quite annoying, or is it not?


Is ART truly what is originally was nowadays?
With the obvious fact that so many artists of all kinds and genres are all after one thing now, the fame, money, and affluence that they’ve neglected the true meaning of art, to pass a message.
Waters Breedlove does justice to all artists as she reminds us!
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I am not racist, but people of the world chose to discriminate against me!
Let’s all stop the virus of racism together.
by Ogbo Minister Prosper


Do you hear the cries of the one who lack?

Stanley Kipkorir lets you hear what you normally don’t.



Some people do find it really difficult to deal with emotional letdowns.
Joy Coppyz paints emotions into her words in ‘MY BLEEDING HEART’

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Lewis Wamwanda writes an ode to the loyal friend of all,
One whose name frets people, DEATH.
Ain’t he a loyal friend? He visits everyone inevitably!

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Daddy Satan, let me go!
I’m done playing your tempting games!
So sayeth Micheal Emerald!

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Nature too has what we don’t like in what we do!
I hate the heat from the sun, but love the light
I hate the thunder because it’s too scary but love the coolness the rain gives.
From Janet James (Jeenioluwa)

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Margaret Wairimu Waweru writes on the recent reports of famine and drought around the world, Turkana region in Kenya as one!
The Last Drop is a poem of prayer and aid request

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It’s quite paradoxical, don’t you think?
Poem by Kipkemoi Boniface
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Love doesn’t work for everyone, or does it?
If so why is her experience as such?
Stacy Neema pens an interesting tale in LOVE - BETRAYAL

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What if these and more are the questions we should be asking?
What if we could change lives with this knowledge?
Perhaps, let’s give it a try!

Enjoy this duet by Sammy Wanjala and Whesa via


Umar Yogiza takes us back to a sad and unsettled memory in Nigeria, the BRING BACK OUR GIRLS period, with 5 years gone, there are some things that need to be told!
Click to read this rather insightful poem.