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Margaret Wairimu writes on one inhumane act that’s been ending the lives and peace of many people in the world and will probably continue to do so if a call-to-action is not taken seriously; RAPE!



Ailing, sick, not feeling well?
Overly excited, can’t express emotions?
Dropped out?
Whatever the period or sensation, you can always find a dosage from the best doctor around; POETRY!

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So many are still in the dungeon self-denial and hatred because of numerous acts or events that have occurred in the build-up of their lives, what have you done to take a step?
@Olabisi Ayomide asks.
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It’s amazing how unbreakable the African woman can be, despite facing what most people in the world can never think of, she stands tall still.
Enjoy this poem by Esther Andaye via

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This is the future, inculcating knowledge is the future,
Inufin Emmanuel writes as he felicitates with the Nigerian Library and Information Science Students’ Maiden conference on a job well done.
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Nineteen is a memorable age to be in, it marks the end of teenage hood and the supposed procession into a fully fledged adult.
Poetic Hans gives an interesting poem to all those in the age.
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this is Nigeria and you really don’t ever wanna be poor here, the deprivation is too much to survive without violence.
John Chizoba Vincent drops a thought-provoking article on the haves and have-nots in the nation, the the issues being faced by many in the commune and its home setting, Africa.

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She’s strong, ever-rising when she falls,
she’s my she fortune.

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I can really tell you that I’M RELIGIOUS, but these many religions are confusing me.
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To tell you the truth about myself and my lover,
you should hear my confession first!
From Debbie Lusadisu @GreatLion_

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Why am I a slave of the night?
Why can’t I free myself from this bondage?
This is an apostrophe to the evil holding men back at night! From Jeruto Valarie
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When pain becomes ones closest friend, to let it go gets really tough.
Margaret Wairimu Waweru writes to pain, a bestie.

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The spirits are angry, they intend on destroying all things and neglect the voice of their pacifier,
What can be done to quell their venomous anger?

Enjoy THE RAGING by Shobana Gomes via


Have you ever sat down and thought of the things going on around you?
Are you being cheated on or what?

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They are the broken ones we’ve got in the society, the widows!
Some may pretend to be but they are not so strong!
They require care too!

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Sometimes, all we need is for someone to just tell us ‘I KNOW’.

Will you be that person?
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Rhea is an adult, normally but she’s got two hearts which she intends to make a charity donation with, who will harmonize with this?

Have you thought about the WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR LIFE to aid someone else?
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Come, let Kelly Juuz show you how to have a good day in RANDOM MEMORIES.

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