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Oh! Zamfara you’ve shared enough tears, even Isah Ahmad Sabo had to share with you as he writes on the recent killings and atrocities that’s fallen on a beloved state in Nigeria, Zamfara.

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As nature would have it, silvers from the skies are about to descend upon me and the earth!

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I’ve got a couple of wishes I’d love to happen but it seems like I am not ready for love yet but these imaginations are killing.

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Someone, please help me,
Eight fingers of mine have let go of life’s thread.
I’m about letting go!

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It’s a rather appalling fact to know that many families in Nigeria, especially from the eastern part of the nation, still expect the bereaved to lose all their money on burials, yet no one seems to be talking about it.

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Yes, I do remember the love we had, but the scars you left are still aching.

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Janet James writes a poem dedicated to every victim of suicide who died from the pain of betrayal from a lover in THE GHOST’S EPITAPH.

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Krishnan tries to play smart with his wife Sheela as she gets pregnant, but all doesn’t seem to go as planned when he encountered doom twice in his life which eventually leads to his death.

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If we think about it, how many religions do we have all around?
But why do they all claim to be serving same God?
Sahaj Sabharwal puts this into play in ONE RELIGION - ONE GOD.
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Why does so many work so during its period hard but at the end of it feel like it’s all a waste?

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The MUSIC ON MY STREET is that of hunger, pain, poverty and everything not good!

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Many writers really have in them to get published but why do you think this is a problem for them?
Here’s the answer to the question on many writers minds.



How does RAPE occur?
Why does it?

It’s just a YES and NO thing, right?
So why?
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Sometimes, we feel like we know what we don’t but other times,
We realize that we don’t and just plead to be taught.

This duet by Sammy Wanjala and Whesa tells tales.
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Why chose to borrow a loan from poverty while you are still rich in time and resources?

You are still young, you need to plan for the future too unless poverty will do so in your stead!
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Submit your best works for the @Tiferet’s 2019 Writing Competition,
$1,500 to be won under poetry, short story (fiction) and essay (non-fiction).

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Do you see the girl behind the mask?
She seems the good samaritan to many but deep down, she’s the ailing.

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What if tomorrow is just a promise never to come?

Praise Okwuchi asks what you’ll do with you ever-moving today.

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What goes wrong when you find yourself in an awkward situation of not having enough but something comes up and you can’t but keep mum and watch how it unfolds?

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So many women are suffering #domestic violence from their partners and they have to endure but for how long?

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