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Be grateful for he left you with just a broken heart, I was left with a belonging of his.

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How about we all go back to claim all that life has collected from us?
For everything life has taken away, I am coming for my revenge so sayeth Sulola Imran Abiola.

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It’s a really bad morning,
one filled with tears and bitterness at heart.

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Can you please, help me tell her that her life’s worth living?
Can you please, tell my daughter?

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How well do you know silence and its game?
Do you even know it?

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Child abuse and domestic violence in a home don’t just trigger emotional imbalance upon the affected, so does it for ev

eryone around.
Brian Kipruto (Enzy Art) shares his pain in I AM NOTHING LIKE YOU, a letter to abusive fathers.



Abuse is one of the things that leaves a mark that can never be forgotten, can it be overcome however?
Oscar Hamunali leaves his take on the issue as he delves into emotional abuse in BROKEN
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You ever gotten critiqued to the extent that you feel like art is not your thing?
John Chizoba Vincent delivers a mind-changing article over handling critiques wisely and not allowing them kill the gift in you.




You ever heard of the myth on incarnates?
Whether they are true or not, Adeshina Abiodun Emmanuel tells a good poem with them.
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Help me send this letter home, to Kenya where live is not living but hell.
Please help McGregorPoet take this letter home, to his mother nation Kenya, who’s daily being killed by her people’s corruption.
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We don’t expect you to know much about the problems we go through just to keep the face smiling and never down, you really don’t need to know the sacrifices we make.
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Ahmad Muhammad Jamiu takes us back to memory lane, to a nation that lost all her virtues after she was raped of all she had, or the best of it and now; even after all these year, she’s still in a forced marriage with her ex-colonial masters, Nigeria.
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Why do you do what you do, are you following the norms or breaking the rules?



She wanted love and she did get it despite the push from family and friends but what happens next?
Junaid Ismail Oluwadamilare tells an intelligent tale.


When does love arrive?
Got an idea?
How does it seem?

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