The Beginning by Oliver Osagie Omoredia

So I go back to my beginning
My formation before I was formed
A living cell in scrotal sack
Then was I forced in pleasures ejaculation
To the destination, my nine momths home.

The race was short but I had to be quick.
It was rumoured there was to be only one winner
And in rare occasions two or more.
And all who didnt win go out of existence
It was a race for life!

Who were my competitors?
Well many others…not just many about a billion!
A race for one winner against a billion!
That was the race I won before I was born.
I’m happy to tell you that you won it too.

Because you won you got your first heart beat.
Born of competition to a world full of it.
But sometimes you forget this and run from a fight.
At times to step up you brace up with fright.

They are employing one of ten thousand applicants!!
You suddenly feel defeated, forgetting your beginning.
You won a billion to be in this world.
If you won then you will win again.

If only one can win the crown.
Beat the world to it and reign.
You were born to be a fighter.
Let your days be brighter.

Life is a competition through thick and thin.
But you have got everything in life for the win!
You are a fighter. You are a fighter!


I love this

Perfecto! Yes, I won, I win everytime

Wow!This is beautiful…

You wrote this piece?


Oh gawd! This is my Monday motivation…