The christmas chicken confession



I just can’t believe my life will end in boiling water and then body soaked in an ocean of Maggi cubes. This is how I will get rewarded, after dedicating my live providing eggs for man and even waking the lazing Homo sapiens up every morning.

The life of a chicken is not an easy one, yes in case if you don’t know I am a chicken and this Christmas the Homo sapiens are going to execute their genocide all in the name of celebrating a festival of love. Please tell me how that it is written in the bible that chicken were killed to celebrate Jesus birth.

At least God provided the ram that Abraham used to offer sacrifice after passing the test of faith, At least Jesus himself while he was alive use unleavened bread and wine to set an example and even instruct them to repeat that celebration every year after his death. Even if Jesus did not mention Christmas, Christians suppose to follow the menu of the Passover in other celebrations. Why are we being smeared with Maggi and baptized in a hot water where our expensive feathers are used for Christmas?

Talking about how I came into this world, I don’t even know but base on what I have seen as a grown up chicken, I assume that I am a product of a shameless street romp, imagine my mother being chased all about by a redhead chicken whose nature is cheating. I am sure all this are done under the eyes of our future killers.

I grew up and was shocked when my mother that I trusted shoo me away to fend for myself, I thought it was a sheer act of wickedness until I was matured to believe that was our nature and Jesus won’t count that as a sin, we were programmed that way.

I will never forget how I struggled all my life, is it the running helter skelter from kids of man that want to pluck our feathers, or running away from mad drivers on the street, staying behind bars like a prisoner or being transferred from one place to another all in the name of business, being used like a baby factory yet they still murder our unborn child, we don’t even have rights at all. Actually am surprised with the way. Normally every holiday season our lives are always at stake. In some other countries it is turkey but in Nigeria here it is mainly chicken, however I have accepted my fate to take it with all my heart to make the holiday a pleasant one for the humans to enjoy the birth of our savior.

I wish everyone merry Christmas and a prosperous new year, as laying my life is all I have to offer for you guys. Probably these are my last words and definitely so many wonders are happening in the market right now, the buying of tomatoes, vegetables cooking ingredients, gift items like the amazing Panther Energy drink and oh yeah what’s the name of the that light bulb used by my owner at the poultry, I love that bulb with the cool light it gives I will so much miss it after am gone, at least it keeps me from sleeping at night. Oh yeah I remembered now the solar led bulb.

I recommend all to buy this bulb it was an amazing spending my whole life with it in the farm, I will also miss my foods.

Oh Jesus our savior into your hands I commit my soul.

Happy birthday Jesus in advance!!!