The epistle of the table shakers

Table Shaking is not a new trend in the Nigerian social media space but I guess we finally found a name for shades giving and indirect “calling out” of people…
So yesterday , while we were enjoying the Monday Motivation atmosphere. Vimbai Mutinhiri, a well known OAP shook a big table. I think the carpenter that made the table is also shaking . The warehouse where the wood was stored might also be shaking…

In her words…

"If your expensive handbag is a gift, that’s ok. If your first luxury car was a gift from hubby that’s great. If you travel in luxury courtesy of bae that’s cool too. If your talent is social media, embrace it and earn off it. BUT please stop lying to young girls about how hard you have worked, and giving terrible advice about how to build this or that and how to be successful in business or have a high flying career. STOP IT!! If your business hasn’t made at least N20m turnover per annum, please just book a seat in the audience and pay attention to those who have done it. There is no shame in it and it doesn’t make you any less of a respectable woman. Making it in life begins with harnessing your truth :ok_hand:t5:#TableShaker #MondayMotivation #MoreProfitsLessPackaging"

Your thoughts??

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Meanwhile ALIBABA had something to say about it…

In his words…

"People have been shaking tables… this one just came and kuku removed legs from the table. Let every thing kukuma fall off the table. I have renewed respect for few. She just joined them. Nonsense. No means of livelihood. They are driving SUV. No job. But them blow. No career. Because someone carry her. But they will be telling the young girls who are waiting to get a 9-5, How to work hard and stay focused. Eyes on the prize. Don’t let them men confuse you. It’s like a Yahoo Yahoo guy advising a young man who is washing his car at a car-wash on dignity of labour. Na wash. You go into politics, 4 years down, you have a mall, house in choice areas. You have a fleet of cars. And you are asking young men what is keeping them from settling down with one woman. Traditional and white Wedding… No be movie ticket ooo. Try am e go be like film. No track record of work and earning your sweat. You dey advise people. The lady who hops on a plane to Europe, every 2 months, jumping from shop to shop, looking for bargains, and pulling suitcases on high-streets just so she can make something never advise person… Na the one wey know Excellency. (Biblical knowing). After they will come and testify in church and make all others look like God is selective. And after those all the runs they will start running their mouths. One say in first class one day and her aunty saw her as she boarded a plane to Abu Dhabi. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”… Degwo ma. “VRENDO. HOW COME YOU ARE SITTING HERE?”. My Isoko is not too bad. But from what I gathered, her Mum is a nurse, struggling to keep things together. And she wanted to know if she was done with NYSC. Emmmm… emmmm. Its like… its not… The oga she was flying with did like he didn’t know what was going on. After now she will tell people it’s the Lord’s Doing. Something is doing you."



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I’ve always wondered what am I doing wrong ?.. People can afford fancy holidays in Dubai and Europe yet they just launched their businesses less than 3 years ago… when you watch their interviews it’s always a rags to riches story - “ I started by keeping chicken and selling eggs 3 years ago and the rest as they say is history “ … I’m left looking at them like … What is my life? Why am I like this ? Sister Please share your business strategies … I’m here to learn :bowing_woman:t4:


Oh well, she really shook the table well and I hail her for it :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Everybody wan claim CEO for social media, advising hustlers like us what to do and what not to do, and you will see people hailing them. If you see them in reality eh, you even get money pass them.

There’s this girl/lady,(anyone wey she choose) that is forming CEO upandan social media, releasing daily videos on how you can blow and be this and that… Long story short, in reality, aunty is broke. All she does on social media is for the fame and of course to grab conne…

Shishi… Aunty no get. A whole CEO… Not like she’s paying anyone salary o.

I’m not a hater o… I don’t even have strength to be one. But I think people should realize that social media is not reality.

Stop lying to people on social media about how you did this and that, let’s hustle for ourselves and make the best out of life. If it’s fame that you want, just say it.

Stop making people feel God is being unfair to them. A guy actually said it’s like God doesn’t love him and is punishing him. Why? Because of all the success stories he sees online and he wonders where he got it all wrong because he has been working hard since 1900. I had to tell him not to compare himself with online stories and keep working hard. His hardwork without comparison will surely pay.

If you have business strategies that you feel like sharing, maybe it couldn’t work for you, shaa try and share it because it may work for others. If you don’t have anything meaningful to share, sit down and humbly accept what others have to share.


See Shekhinah’s godmother o!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Perfect sense. You are MAKING sense I have always wondered the same which was why I never subscribed to Instagram Motivational speakers whose livelihood had no Alpha but had a beta!. Alibaba expatiated the matter and settled it. The problem with us is values, that’s why no one questions How you made the money, What time frame. As long as you have the money, you earn their audience.


Some have money only on instagram o… They wear very fine clothes but in reality, they don’t have too much money.

And people will be killing themselves to be like them.


That’s eziokwu… Instagram is a site majorly for show off.

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Lets not demonize hard working women. Ali Baba on point as always.


Had a chat with my guys a while ago about how you become a ‘hater’ by asking what a person does for a living or how they make their money and they go ‘when the person was broke why didn’t you ask questions’, youth these days are eager to tag everything ‘goals’ also go the extra mile by claiming such blessing. I know people who live the life but they’re dead broke.
I know someone who is always going to the club week in, week out, bros was in SA in Nov but in recent times he’d text and ask me to send him money.

See ehn this life, just be happy and motivated to do things the right way. You really wouldn’t want to know what most of these people do to be hailed in the society.


I do feel like saying if your business doesn’t make up to N20m a year, you shouldn’t give advise is too much though. She’s denying Micro-Entrepreneurs their place in the Sun. But I see some sense in what she said.


Okay… So I think she has a point… and Alibaba nailed it as always…

My probelm is not people showing off on the gram… The problem is not people who have sugar daddies who pay their bills …

My problem is the people who do all the shady stuff and try to lecture the young girls or guys on how to make money … how to be an entrepreneur…Covering it up with bible quotes … That’s just sick…

Like will you do whatever you do to make money and just keep quiet. Don’t confuse people’s destiny…


This one irks me all the time, Like all the time!


It reminds of how quick people are to celebrate small successes, we try to seek validation from the smallest challenges. You find a lot of inspirational speakers with little experience trying to advise other people. It’s weird.


:joy::joy: true

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I really do not even like the idea of seeking validation at all, more like you’re steady living your life so you’d rub it in people’s place that you’ve arrived


See ehnnn I have no problem with “packaging” OR “branding” … but don’t sell yourself too much and you can’t meet up with what you have sold… Do things in moderation or else it will fall back whether it is a business or an individual… Don’t lie to yourself and be saying you are packaging…


…when clearly you haven’t. In Nigerian Social Media, every stepping stone is an “Arrival”. We have seen it many times. A good example is people who over-celebrate getting a Student visa in Europe or North America, women who still have their wedding picture up 10 months after the gaddman wedding, and so on.

No offense but some of that stuff is unwarranted, we need better standards in Africa. Cc @KubasuInyanya


People that are not fine. :joy::joy:


Plenty people have enter “Depression” mode on top this matter…