The lazy writer

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Well, I think I have adopted a new title for myself, ‘The lazy writer’. This popped into my head after finding series of my writings on torn books, back covers, piece of papers. I noticed I just write on anything I see once the idea comes to my head and never get to post them even in my dying blog or here. I noticed how much I didn’t care if anyone reads my writings but whenever I get comments it literally makes my day.

So, here am I making a short post promising to grow my blog and post more. Lol, this is actually laughable because this particular writing is on a piece of paper. I’m taking up the advice of my unrelenting friend @ogochukwu and I’m deleting the title, the lazy writer (wherever that came from).
Henceforth, I’m sharing whatever I feel about everything (I hope I find a category) and I hope it’s worth your while.

Thank you.
…And I am not a lazy writer.
(Takes a bow).


Hello @Ahneetah I see good diction, clear communication and storytelling already. :clap:t4:

Go on, you can earn money for writing lovely stories on Zegist. @ogochukwu thanks for inviting her :kissing_heart:


@AhneetAh, you have a great writing prowess and I believe in you already. Like @evansakanno already said, you too can earn money just by writing.

Oh, my sweetest @ogochukwu, who said I don’t love you. You are a sweetheart and I love you so much. Keep up with the invitation. :wink:


You are welcome dear

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I love you too baby :heart_eyes:

Welcome baby girl. You are gonna love it here :heart_eyes:


I understand you. I remember when I had to write the essays in university and sometimes it was like a challenge for me. But I wrote them because you may know that submitting the poor content can bring the low grades. I even used the writing services to ask them to write my papers. It was useful really.

I remember myself in college. I always had problems writing an essay. I don’t like to write my assignment. :cry: After all, you may not always have inspiration or the topic may not be interesting at all. Or maybe essay writing is not your forte. I usually tried to find something similar on the Internet and remake it for myself. I also used writing services when I wanted to take a break from my duties in college.:sunglasses:

We’ve all been there :smiley: I used to try to do it myself, but sometimes I let myself get assignment help when I was too tired. This company, btw, always explained all the tasks’ solutions, so it was just half cheating :slight_smile: