The Password by Samson Abanni

My unlock code,
Like the rose and its scent,
whoever made you, made me.
For like the hour and minute hands of a clock,
I need you to make sense.
And if I came to earth for a meeting,
You are the only agenda.

My unlock code,
I have been with bees when bees have been with flowers.
I have seen the nightingale during rehearsals.
And now I understand.
Why I fall open before you, like a blackbox made of glass.
And why my waking each morning,
Is to confirm that you are still mine.

My unlock code,
Whoever made the rainbow, must have made
its colours:
Whoever made you, made me.
For whenever our eyes meet, I’m returned to factory settings.

      © Samson Abanni +2347031069611