The Scholars’ Corner


Scholar is someone who has written an exam together with some other persons and has obtained a result assumed to be better in all respects than any other persons based on certain criteria. For anyone to be referred to as the scholar, taking this academic environment as a case study, he/she must be ready to cram and be able to present it as exactly as he has crammed whenever he/she is requested to do so. Not only that, he/she must be gifted in extensive reading and take reading as a hobby. He/she must be a type that reads for understanding neither for exam nor tests. To boot, he/she must be a very good moralist. Furthermore, luck must always be by his/her side, that is, he/she must be the lucky type.

As a matter of fact, it has been established that persons who happen to be scholars in Nigeria’s Polytechnics/Universities find it difficult to defend their scholarship outside the walls of their schools. This attested to some cases of external examinations, competitions and so on to mention but a few. The main reason for this is their over-dependence on cramming which, though satisfies the quest and the requirement of the present, is a disastrous hindrance to future academic distinction. This is not to condemn the so-called scholars of our great citadel of learning, but to clarify that cramming is an essential tool for excellence, but over-dependence on it can lead to brainstorming chaos.

Leaving the discriminations to the specialities, scholars are very determined persons who amidst all odds break all impossibilities and conquer every difficulty. They rarely speak in class and often soft-going. Little wonder how they emerge as scholars so unexpectedly! They are often found reading in their various rooms and not in classes as most of us are used to. They drug less and their usual siesta is always observed. They are often found alone, and when found in group, they are seen brainstorming ideas with other people on a topic.

They selectively identify silent, cool and conducive environments for the indemnify storage of data in their random-access memory. With constant practice, this data become read only memory but can be easily accessed only by the operating system at will. They study in noise free environment and when distracted or subjected to any form or means of distractions such as girls (or guys in case of scholastic girls), music, jesting and so on, they simply turn their minds away. When it seems like they can’t boycott the virus of these distractions, they simply turn on their adrenalines antivirus! You can see how scholars are great people. In fact, even if there are neither chairs nor desks in class such that the class is as empty as the space and silent as the grave yard, you wouldn’t see them so easily. They lurk in the darkest corners. They suffer mosquito bites to be able to earn the glory of being the first citizen of the various classes.

At this juncture, I want to mention that every junction is a node and every node is a junction that leads to other nodes and junctions. If your performance is not all that forthcoming now, don’t give up. You are who you are and what you are by what you think about yourself! Listen, have the mentality of being a scholar, and you will observe a geometrical change in your performances. Tell yourself, I can do it. You are scholar on your own. If your mind keeps telling you that you are improving, then keep it at rest. Maybe if examinations can be written in the mother-tongue, then would persons be able to show forth their skills and set unbreakable records.


I don’t believe cramming is a good academic culture. The pursuit of knowledge, the acquisition of knowledge, documentation and passing of knowledge is what I think makes one a better scholar.


I’m of the unpopular opinion that Nigerian lecturers are intellectually lazy; the ones in Federal and State colleges at least. I think is not tailoring education to solve our problems is also a major factor.


Nigerian educational system has made cramming the only way to pass most courses.
They don’t encourage reading to assimilate and understand, but reading to pass. It’s sad.
They’ll just give you a bunch of handouts to go study and repeat the same things written in the handouts.


And imagine these lecturers depend on Manley made from selling handouts, it’s extra income for them.

Also consider that Nigerians are culturally not inclined to writing. Very few people even keep a personal journal :notebook:


I agree with you. It has been structured to encourage “passing” rather than “learning” hence cramming becomes the fastest technique.


Sigh! It’s sad. And when they see you keep a journal all they want to do is read for aproko purpose and laugh.
They don’t understand how to respect people’s privacy at all.


I feel like you are severely narrowing down how scholars acquire knowledge.
What is an Adrenaline antivirus ?


Adrenaline Antivirus simply means the increase in energy of the scholar to focus on his/her studies and deviating the mind from any form of distractions in the environment


You can be a scholar if you dont have the ability to cram…

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