The ultimate death of the compact digital camera. what caused it?

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The massive growth in the #Smartphone market as well as the impressive improvement in its camera quality has technically and slowly killed the small camera business side of some consumer electronics companies like #Sony #Samsung etc.
Who carries small cameras these days when you have a 6’ smartphone with 13 megapixel back and 2/5 megapixel front-facing camera in your pocket or handbag.
You arrive an event… and you see the hired photographer with his professional camera struggling with everyone else carrying a #Smartphone to take pix or record event videos…
…and before he goes to sit in his studio to edit his bunch of pics…awon molebi don quickly edit their stuff on their #smartphone and have started posting on Instagram…
But seriously, I think these consumer electronics company should brace up cos their so called Professional camera line may be toeing the line of extinction cos #Smartphone coy are pushing the technology boundaries everyday…


I agree that digital cameras are dead, besides the professional ones (for now), but I think that the Polaroid cameras, although are older than the digital ones, will still be around. In the fashion industry, they revived the old styles and now they are trending. The same is with the Polaroid, they are trending again because of their class, due to the way of photographing. The Polaroid cameras are still manufactured in present, meaning that there’s a demand for them. Plus they are so easy to carry around due to their lightweight and small body. And that’s it, if you’re interested, here you can find more about them.

Hey my friend, I disagree with you. The time of cameras has not passed yet, although the cameras on phones have improved significantly, still they are far from good mirrorless cameras. While there are cameras like panasonic, Olympus or Sony, phone cameras will not take this market. The phone so far can’t replace for example Sony A6000 with a good gimbal stabilizer. They can’t be compared in resulting of photo and videos quality. That’s impossible.