The wedding confusion


It was on her Wedding day when the priest asked, “Whoever is against this union should signify his hand upright…? " then a young man at the back sit raised his hand and suddenly the bride collapse. Then the priest asked the young man that why did he raise his hand? then he replied: " I couldn’t hear you from the back sir…”. cc: @everybody :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:




That young man should be fined heavily, plus beating. :unamused:


Although I’ve heard and read this joke, it still amuses me. :joy:


But why did the bride collapse? Does she have a cockroach in her cupboard? :joy:


Maybe she does :joy::joy::joy:


Please, guys, never do this at the wedding :joy:
It reminded me of the time we used the services of silent disco hire agency and started dancing… It was fun, but nobody could understand what is going on :laughing: