There Was a Time

There was a time
When making love was called fornication
Long ago before sex tapes were one for a kobo

There was a time
When I slept with her meant sleeping on the other side of the same bed
Before they started looking askance at the phrase
“we slept together”

There was a time
When repentance was from the heart
Seasons before it became a duty
Those days when remorse wasn’t repentance

There was a time
When love meant gazing stupidly into innocent hearts
Long before it was mixed with lust and unbridled passion

There was a time
When cartoons were without guile
Not now that parental guidance is needed
So your kid doesn’t walk the wrong mile

There was a time
When “I swear” meant you were saying the truth
Before swearing became the new vogue
© Aje2017

@ruthameh125 @fola


This is nice. There was a time when bathing with your brother was seen as brother and sister having their bath together without a bais mindset.
There was a time when siblings eat together from the same plate and everyone feel happy and satisfied but now, everyone want their food serve separately and most times comes with different order. I love the formal


So you relate to those times too. I do. Thanks dear


Yes I do and I hope I followed the thread well.


You sure did

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Aiit. Thank you


hmm!! once upon a time. thanks @Aje for a reminder of the truth.