This Couple Gave Birth Without The Help Of Any Medical Staff

A beautiful couple shared the birth story of their first child on instagram. They both read and gathered all they information they need to birth a birth on their own which they both pulled off.

In preparation for birthing at home, the couple read all the books they could lay their hands on, the amazing thing was that the husband was totally involved in the process.



Birth story

She arrived 2 weeks ago and was birthed into the hands of her Father, at her home, after about 7 hours of active labor.
What a thrill and what a blessing to be confident enough, strong enough, healthy enough, empowered enough, able enough, and most importantly, educated enough to bring my own child Earth Side unassisted!
We had prepared our bedroom to birth our baby and it was exactly what I had imagined: Beautiful plants like bamboo, yucca, and cotton. A diffuser lightly giving the air in our room a calming lavender scent. Dim lighting glowing from our Himalayan pink salt rock lamps.
Clean. Pure. Serene…

We used the tub to help ease 2nd phase contractions and it was so very welcome! By the time the 3rd phase came, the pressure intensified to levels I’ve never before imagined!
I don’t want to call it pain because that would only add to the narrative of fear, but WOW! Unless you’ve had a child, you can’t foretell what that will feel like.
I found that though these contractions were incredibly difficult, they were manageable ONLY because I had learned that a woman typically only has to bear through around 8-12 of these super intense contractions to become fully dilated and bring forth her child.
I slept between these contractions because I was so exhausted (we labored overnight) and after each one asked “How many is that?!”. It’s truly the only thing that got me through.
Once fully dilated, I knew the next step was baby’s arrival!
The Ring of Fire is exactly that; what feels like a ring of fire around your vagina as the baby begins to crown.

These contractions make you feel like you need to push! The surge just takes over your body completely and even though I knew it best to resist, I struggled to not give in and consequently ended up tearing. I’ll do better next time.
My husband suggested I take the squatting position, which is the best way to birth a child, and immediately after doing so, baby started coming!
He crouched beneath us, hands ready, and after about 3-5 enormous contractions, Daddy caught our sweet baby in his hands!
She was a perfect little girl with a head full of hair!

I was completely overcome with emotion, crying tears of joy and simultaneously relieved and overcome with accomplishment that WE DID IT!
We had our ideal natural and unassisted home birth with only our energy present and our love filling our Sweet Girls space upon her very first Born Day.

Instagram handle Coupe_dc, the.pinkcoconut

Can you be brave enough to try this with your spouse?


Jesus Christ!!! I can’t please… Biko!

I just can’t… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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I am not sure I agree with this :point_up_2:


Amazing adventure but really,I can’t.

Does it mean that people who go to hospitals or delivery with the help of midwives at home are not brave?

No na, giving birth is one delicate activity that everyone gets scared of, it’s rare to see couple do this on their own without medical help. Anything could have gone wrong. How many people is out there willing to take this risk?



Why? Why? Why? What if things had gone south? How would they have handled it? The hospital is still the most advisable place to have my baby.


Warnings: graphic pictures

So this couple went on to keep the placenta of their baby girl waiting for it to detach naturally.

She updated her Instagram with these picture


the placenta cover in rosemary and lavender

She wrote:

A Lotus Birth is when the umbilical cord is naturally allowed to separate from the baby by drying up, rather than being cut immediately at birth as is typically done in hospital settings. This separation can take anywhere from 3-10 days.
When a baby is born about 1/3 of their blood is still in the placenta. By allowing the cutting of the cord, we essentially are depriving our child(ren) of all of this blood volume that belongs to them because the blood never has the chance to transfer from the placenta to the baby via the umbilical cord. This blood is essential and is rich in stem cells, iron, and of course, oxygen.
When baby doesn’t receive this blood it can even be a cause for jaundice. This is because by losing that placental blood their body has to immediately go into overdrive to make up for it, putting the liver under stress.
Studies have also shown brain lesions on children who have had their umbilical cords cut.
A Lotus Birth made most sense to us. It is natural. It is gentle. It forces the new family to take things slow and to rest in the days following the coming of this new life.
Simply rinse the placenta of all blood, pat dry, and place in a bowl. We covered ours in rosemary and lavender because it is said to help reduce odor, but actually once we did that we thought it created an odor that wasn’t even there before.
Our baby girl was Lotus Birthed 64 hours and 25 minutes after her birth (not even 3 days!). It was her second welcoming and we honor it.:heart:

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I can’t even lie, i felt somehow seeing this :nauseated_face:


sorry dear,

I’m scared.

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You got my feelings here just reading it, I am scared already. This one is a risk to take oo.
Hell no, I will prefer to do in the hospital with hubby inside o, he can be taught how to do it by the doctors who would be present there or he might just assist the doctors or better still, stay by my side.

WTF abeg lemme do CS na, after bearing cramps for years, I still have to deal with this. Adam and Eve why na?

Seriously this thing is doing me somehow now

Asin that’s my own with these people sometimes they over exaggerate experiences like this, they will now start a very wrong mentality among women that they need to be “brave” too and have unassisted deliveries to be “woke”

What we’ll end up having is loads of "I want to appear woke and brave for the gram " women coming to the hospital after hours of unnecessary labour with the foetus in distress or dead.

She even had a perineal tear, let me tell you what that may mean for her in future.
If it extended to her anus she might have fecal incontinence ( inability to hold in feaces or farts) depending on the degree

Because the tear wasn’t surgically created the jagged edges might be difficult to put together and the end results may not be pretty

If she didn’t go to a hospital and get it sutured (sewn up) she might end up loosing more blood than necessary

There is a very high risk of chronic dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse) with perineal tears

I get her point.
I’m guessing this might have been some unavoidable thing.

but should women aspire to unassisted unsupervised births? Nah!


It’s a no for me, that a person was lucky enough to pull this off doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

This Lotus birth thing seem to be a thing now among women that just gave birth. can you please enlighten us more on it? what are the benefit of keeping a baby and the placenta till after birth it it naturally detach it’s self from the child. What’s the special benefit that accompany this practice? @amakaanne @Kiitan @abnetz


Yeah @Kiitan @amakaanne and crew, would love to hear your ideas on this…

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The only one I know of that is beneficial is called “delayed cord clamping” where we wait for about 1-10 mins to clamp & cut the umbilical cord.There are legit scientifically proven benefits for DCC but this “Lotus birth” honestly has no scientifically proven benefits (I checked) that cannot be gotten from DCC already.

Lotus birth according to the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology actually has a higher risk of infection for the newborn .

And even with DCC sef that has benefits there are some cases that the cord has to be cut ASAP like if the mother is HIV +ve (to prevent mother to child transmission), if the baby needs to be resuscitated, if the cord is around the baby’s neck or the mother needs urgent attention…

If a patient opts for it, it’s our job to explain the risks and let them proceed without judgement…

Personally I’d like ask my patients why they would prefer their baby to be attached to a decaying placenta for 3 days for something he/she can get in 5 mins with DCC?
Even in nature animals chew off the umbilical cord and eat the placenta as soon as they have the strength to do so…

This just seems like a trendy thing to do


Thanks for confirming this o… It might become a thing already…

I actually don’t see the sense in it 'cos unless the placenta is preserved in something so strong like formalin, after a few hours, it would start to give off an unpleasant odour not to now talk of 3-5 days. Also, is the child not going to be exposed to bacterial infection? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I dont know how it’s done though but wetin happen? Those of us that our parents didn’t do this method for us, are we anaemic in any way? All that blood volume that’s been talked about and stem cells not being totally available is not exactly adding up though 'cos from what I know stem cells regenerate themselves and differentiate to other cells and except there’s a condition such as bone marrow failure, I don’t think not getting enough stem cells cos of an umbilical cord that’s severed from the placenta before 3-5 days is right though. That’s my own thought.


Both the woman and her husband are delusional. That’s all I have to say.