#ThisisNigeria: 5 hours in Lagos


Recently travelled to the U.S for a 2 week vacation…fell asleep in the plane and by the time I woke up we had landed in Lagos, Nigeria. This is how I knew I was back home…we arrived pretty early around 8:47 am and we had to wait for 20 to 30 minutes for the delta team at d airport to set up and prepare the boarding gate…after that it took like 10 minutes to actually leave the aircraft…immediately after I stepped out of d aircraft I was greeted by hot weather in Lagos, nostalgia and then we spent the next 10 mins going through immigration.
Although I had just met the immigrations officer, it felt like we’ve known each other for years as he was asking me “wetin you bring come for” (1 hour down)…shortly after this we proceeded to the baggage claim area where a strange looking guy approached asking if I wanted to get a trolley, I asked how much, this guy told me 1,650! Chai! For trolley! I gladly declined. I was lucky enough to over hear a woman asking for where to get trolleys from and I sharply followed her and later got to find out that it was only 150 naira to rent the trolley phew!!..after the baggage claim, I experienced the Lagos hustle, as I pushed my trolley outside the building I was bombarding by a horde of taxi men, omo! It was like I was an antelope in the midst of lions, I declined all of them as I met up with my dad (2 hours down)…
Myself and my dad proceeded to leave the airport now and my dad asked “ore should we take the toll gate or go through oshodi” and I said to avoid hold up its better we pay the toll and be on our way because we live in ikorodu which is kind of far…anyways after almost being scammed again at the toll gate…we went on our way and lo and behold we still encountered the long missed Lagos traffic (good times) and spent the remaining (3 hours) on the road laughing at other angry road drivers.
After these 5 hours spent coming home from the airport…I realized that naija is a beautiful country and that if you haven’t been to Lagos then you haven’t been to naija. #naija4life