#ThisIsNigeria: CRIMINALS

Now, who owns the goods?
Is it the one with tools?
Or the giver of the goods?

Funny, I changed it?
I just added some zeros
At least zeros don’t count
So why the clamour?

The money was there to take
You should have put it in safe
Hun! Court or caught
I just need to give shares

Isn’t that the national cake?
Give me a bite and I will give you a pat
Sorry, I only want to use it
Don’t worry, in folds, it will be returned

Shut Up!
Just sign the contract
You legislate our pocket
We execute your spending

It is five hundred
Sell it seven hundred
It is not a profit of red
Just a means to an end

Please pay your tithe
And never ask us for a dim
We are never meant to be poor says the Holy Book
Kindly safe up with no broth

Take this loan
But bring it with interest
We care for you
Our number one customer

It is our fathers’ money
So each share we loot is a part of the bees’ stung
Let enjoy the sweetness

We are your friend and bail is free
But death is twenty nairas away
Therefore welcome to the crime hood.


Quite a poem. Nice one


Thank you

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Nice poem, Alesh

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@Bayo See

Nice poem Alesh

This is Nigeria, everybody be criminal.

Aleshinloye Ernest Olúwaṣeun. Buate :raised_hands:.

Nice one, Alesh!

Beautifully written!

This is a nice piece, I love it…

Really deep. Exactly what happens in contemporary Nigeria. Nice one Alesh

Nice one

Nice oo