#ThisIsNigeria: Life in Unilag (The no ESCAPE version)

… (life of a Unilag hustler )
Halfway through the day I’m angry… I’ve always been these days. School is tiring… And the lectures don’t make it any better but what can I do… It’s what I signed up for right? So I endure but it’s so annoying!!!
So yesterday… I woke up as early as 5… So I could get to school in time… stop by at my hostel and then go for my 8am class… Going through a good part of my journey on foot and hustling for keke. I eventually reached my class few minutes past 8. Then the(you know who) came in… He legit talked about everything else asides what the course was about and this he did for two third of the allocated class time… He balanced it up by taking some 30mins extra time… But yet again… He’s the boss of his class so we had no option but to flow right?
Next was impromptu… Was to start at 11… They legit told us via our group chat an hour before… As usual… She went to the class venue. Waited till it was meant to be class over but the one that called for the class never showed… But yet again it was alright still.
Another was to hold a few meters away from the last. It was meant to start immediately after the first and yet again… We waited and waited all in vain as he/she never showed up… So basically we were quite jobless abi? They are the bosses… Not even a message… I honestly don’t even expect an apology on their absence just a notice was fine but no we’re just made wait… After all we’re at their mercy abi?
So when they finally show up… We are made to write unendlessly… Or buy a lot of course stuff… Not to mention the lab books… Extortion but it’s fine though. Expect test any second… Even when you don’t know what you are meant to read as per you weren’t told!!.. Maybe you weren’t even sure this class was meant to hold… So you fail…
This may not be everyone elses’ hustle… But this is mine oh…
Well, at this point… I make a call to our youths… When you are older and you have power over a few people or a lot of people actually, kindly put yourself in their shoes and do not oppress them. I so don’t enjoy the days and I’m sure you won’t too. So let’s make the next generation better and nicer.
Wakanda forever.


Okay… This is actually my story… You can share your short experiences with lecturers in your own school.


Nice story. Great depiction of the school life, most importantly, life in Unilag. Nice!

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An interesting experience I’m certain will resonate with many students nationwide. :grinning:

Lol… Yes you guys… It’s totally relatable.

Wow… Nice one bleh bleh

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