#ThisIsNigeria: More Talk, Less Action


On the few days PHCN supplies us with about seven hours of power, I hear my dad say, “Wow these people have tried”. No dad, “these people have not tried”, they have not tried at all. As the popular Christian praise song goes, since I was born and now I am getting old… Nigerian children cannot get the phrase UP NEPA off their tongue. We see them jumping for joy, dancing, saying things like “NEPA I thank you o”, then they scurry into their various homes.
I wonder why we praise and congratulate people who do not do what they are paid to do. Well, maybe this is what makes us Nigerians; our undying, cooperative spirit of settling for less.
The major characteristic of our “spirit of settling for less” is more talk, less action which is exactly what I am doing as I write this article. This is Nigeria, where every citizen bestows upon themselves the position of political analyst or better still, Minister of Advice.
Every Tom, Dick and Harry in this country knows what is not being done properly by the government. We proffer solutions to these problems in the blink of an eye, some of which are unfeasible and ridiculous. We sit in the comfort of our homes, gather at restaurants, bars, street/estate meetings and even go as far as religious institutions to discuss the government. Every gathering is seen as an opportunity for us to recite the roles of the local government chairman, minister, senator, governor and our ever travelling president.
We often hear citizens say things like, “If they were in power…”, “If they were the president…” they would do so, so and so. My dear reader you would be shocked to find out that majority of these street aspirants, just like me, have not collected their permanent voters card.
It is easy to criticise your neighbour when you have not walked in his shoes. We can criticise societal and governmental ills, but we must take the next step of finding solutions. We could prove our president who called us lazy right by settling for the option of complaining and doing nothing about it. After all, as the popular slang goes, last last we go dey alright.

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This is such a wonderful piece, it truly reflects the state of most Nigerians. Good job!


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Beautiful Piece of art with True facts…This is indeed Nigeria


To put your mind at rest @Mabo_Duke, I have my voters card, but the permanent one will be out in october/November.

Thanks for this piece.


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Well written with sound and practical advice. Well done.


Truly the society we live in


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