#ThisIsNigeria: More Talk, Less Action


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Go girl!


This is the sad truth, hopefully it changes soon.


Deep! very accurate too. I especially like how you put yourself squarely on the table you’re shaking.

I think this it’s more accurate to say that we have a great capacity for tolerance and adaptability but the end result is the same. We take shit we shouldn’t take and we act like there’s no better option.


Very accurate… The street talk Is more than reiterated action. Beautiful writing!


@Dapomola Haha I’ve got to be as honest as possible. This table is really shaking.
Exactly! In the end it all boils down to the same result.


@Bechi17 Yup! You hit the nail on the head. Thanks for the feedback. :100:




Mabo this is beautifully written! I’m proud of you babe


This table you are shaking, there are people on top o… And I’m on it :see_no_evil:.

Let me go and get my voter’s card. :smile:

Nicely written. Well-done dear.


It’s time we wake up as Nigerians and be in control of our future.


Hey Mabo , nice article , the up NEPA thingy is just in our blood hopefully one day we would all move forward


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@mira Lol of course! It’s a serious table. :joy::joy: Thank you.


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