#ThisIsNigeria: More Talk, Less Action


The conditioning of the vast variety of Nigerians is to be suffer-heads, too many of us are way too used to suffering that it has becoming something of an acceptable standard. 2015 was the first time I voted, then I just turned 18 and was hyped to fulfill my patriotic duties by electing a worthy leader, but I was caught at a crossroad between choosing one in the devil and the deep blue sea. This time around, I’m not even bothering myself about the elections cause, i mean it’s just the same darn routine; An animal in human skin taking power. Mediocrity looms at large in our endowed nation, but in my opinion our biggest problem which I feel is the root to all others has and always will be illiteracy. Not just going to school getting a degree and saying I’m educated, illiteracy also extends to our socio-economics, prejudice towards diversities, and then you also consider that in the country, it’s the rich vs the poor (Middle-Class and lower in our case). So as to why people only talk but exhibit no action, I hope you can find one or two reasons from what I said above. #ThisIsNigeria where over 90% of the population can’t afford the National Football team kit.


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