#ThisIsNigeria: Most Men Are Just Fathers; Nothing More

A lot of Nigerian men are boldly standing on this table, it might end up breaking if they could actually read this.

In my country, Nigeria, most Mothers have taken up the Daddy’s duty in their homes, while their husband just maintains the position of the Father; nothing more.

A lot of women are actually the ones winning the bread in the family, without the husband being of help, even when he has the financial ability to do so. Some men(Fathers) actually feel relaxed because they married a good wife who hustles day and night, just to make sure her children won’t suffer. Some men now feel relaxed being jobless, while their wife, who was married to be a helpmeeet, does all the fatherly duties, just to make sure her Children get quality education.

It’s sad because a lot of women are actually suffering and smiling. No, they won’t ask for a divorce because they feel it may affect their children. So, they try their best to keep up with their husband’s attitude.

When the child makes it in life(becomes successful), they take the glory and pose as the Father with the “that’s my boy/girl attitude”, when they contributed little or nothing to that child’s upbringing. Sad, but true.

You think good women/wives don’t exist? Come to my country. Social media majorly points out the bad wives, neglecting the good ones. Hey, there are women who do not insult their husbands irrespective of the fact that the men ain’t even making efforts to win buns in the family, not to talk of winning bread. So sad.

When would our Fathers be tired of taking advantage of the good and supportive women they married? When will men learn to take responsibility for their actions(procreation)… When?

To the men who try their best with or without the help of their wife to perform not just their fatherly duty of procreation, but also their daddyly(if there’s any word like that) duty of providing for their families, may God bless you.

I pray that the guys who are yet to get married know that there’s more to fatherhood than procreation.


Sad, but I’ve seen a lot of persons complain of this. May God help our men, and bless our Fathers who don’t let their wives suffer alone to provide for the family.

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Sad but true. I personally know a number of families where this is the case. Men must learn to do better.




This is an awakening.

Thank you @Stella_Aanu


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Many Nigerian fathers also don’t bother or know how to build a relationship with their children.
How many children gist with their fathers, can confide in them, or know stories of their pasts?

Nice write up @Stella_Aanu.


Well said…thanks dear

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Nice write up.

Unless a study, and statistics of families are taken, I find it difficult to accept this premise. I know of families where the father takes full responsibility of the house. Another anomaly want to point out is that Men don’t consciously choose NOT to provide for the family financially or find work. Circumstances may affect a larger percentage of married men in which they can’t find a job that’s good enough to sustain the entire family so the wife will have to chip in until the father find a better paying job or find finds a bigger business.

So I find it difficult to accept that most married men refuse to engage in the family responsibilities unless a study support this premise as fact. However, I do understand the concern in this. Men must step up.


Hmmm… Mr Patrick, you are right, but I think there was a part where she acknowledged the men who take full responsibility for their families.

When a man loses his job or has financial challenges, his wife should play the role of the helpmeet without any complaints. This is quite understandable. However, there are some men, as she stated above, who let their wives take responsibility of the kids, even when they become financially stable.

Some of these women out of love for their husband, make these children believe their Dad has been the one providing for them, and sometimes, when they’ve come of age, they discover it has been their mum all along.

Some of these men are actually philanthropist to outsiders. Meaning, they actually have, but because the wife is already providing for the kids, they now feel too relaxed and comfortable not dropping any money. They probably think it makes no difference since the children are being taken good care of. 🤷

I don’t need to experience this for me to know that there are men like that. Some youths comfortably let the world know about this because they can’t control their emotions knowing that their mum has probably been suffering. They end up becoming keyboard warriors and insult their father on social. While others don’t find it necessary for the world to know.


I understand your concern. But she made it seems like it’s the majority of married men that exhibit this behaviour. That claim for the majority is what I’m concerned about. I’m not stating that such men do not exist. But it has to proven that such behaviour exist in the majority. Haven said that, I do share her worries for our generation and the ones after.


I understand. Do have a lovely night :blush:.


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