#ThisIsNigeria: My Safety Is in God's Hands

#ThisIsNigeria: My Safety Is In God’s Hands

To be safe in Nigeria, you really need to soak your Spirit, soul and body and leave it covered with the Precious blood of Jesus or whatsoever God or voodoo you believe in. And yes, you need to be careful too.

Living in Nigeria has dealt with me ruthlessly. I don’t know if I’m always monitored or na my friends or village people dey follow me, but my God pass them, I swear.

So many unforgettable endangering memories but I won’t think twice to share what happened to me on January, 2016. I had just come back to Lagos from the east after a few weeks holiday; Christmas and New Year. On that particular day, I had planned on resuming school even though school had resumed a week before.

Of course, I don’t stay on campus. I go to school on a daily basis from the family house. Even though it’s quite a distance, my dad wouldn’t bulge to letting me stay on campus because he doesn’t want his daughter misusing the privilege.

I had an 8 a.m class on that day and to make it in good time, I usually leave home before 6; that’s how stressful it really is.

On that fateful day, before I left home, I had this strong urge to pray; don’t get me wrong, I pray but the urge that morning was so strong I had to spend extra time at home to pray again before leaving. When I got to the junction I usually stood to wait for bus, I heard the usual chant I long awaited to hear… Yaba, Maryland, Palmgroove, Yaba. As I heard the chant, my heart leapt with joy as I couldn’t bear standing in that cold anymore waiting for a bus.
I eagerly flagged the bus down and hurriedly entered.On entering, it was just the driver, another passenger and the conductor who was still shouting his lungs out for more passengers to board the bus.

Well, I sat comfortably as I was the only one seated on the row I was. As we went on, the driver and his conductor were picking passengers, or should I say their fellow criminals. Well, at that point, I didn’t care because I didn’t know what was going on.
After they’d picked up their colleagues, the conductor sat, closed the door and stopped chanting his chorus. Well, what did I care. Perhaps, there weren’t much passengers to be picked, or so I thought.

Within two minutes, the huge guy (when I mean huge, I mean HUGE like I literally looked like a rat) seated next to me started compressing me in his said attempt to open the window. But it was quite obvious that where I sat, the window couldn’t be opened. I was like, is this guy daft or something? Before I knew it, I found myself inbetween two hefty men. Tragic, right?

Immediately the first guy swerved me in between him and his colleague, another big hand wrapped my neck from behind. The first thing I did was to shout Jesus; of course, I did that unconsciously. The next thing, the same guy wrapped his other hand around my mouth and whispered to my ear to keep shut. I complied but under my breath, I was blasting in tongues. That’s how spiritual I can get. At that point, I needn’t a soothsayer to tell me that I had been captured.The driver sped off towards a direction that I don’t have any idea of up till today. When my humiliators saw I was calm, the conductor asked me to give him my phone and ATM card. I was not surprised anymore because I knew they were all in it together.
Fortunately, I hadn’t my card on me. I told him while handing in my phone. They refused to believe and were arguing with me. Another guy asked me to bring my bag. In my bag, I had my books, my fare and the new wares I bought to market and sell in school.

He searched my bag and brought out everything and asked me about the wares he saw. I explained to him that I am a student and sold those wares to support myself. He was convinced because he saw my student ID card in my bag too. At that point, they started contemplating what to do with me.
I trust the God I serve very well. Miraculously, they returned every of my properties to me without holding back a dime. They let me go and I asked them directions on how I could get to Yaba from where they dropped me. They were still kind enough to tell me (kind enough bawo… na Holy Spirit compel them o). I took their directions and saw myself out of that axis thanking God for proving himself faithful once again.

I was traumatized for a long time after that incident and it made me overly conscious and scared of nothing. Need I also tell you that after that incident till date, I’ve never tried to leave my house that early all in the name of trying to make it in good time. If I late, make I late o. I can’t kill myself abeg.


Only God can keep us… awesome write up. The sky is your starting point…


Thanks dear. I truly appreciate

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Thank God. I really hope you’ll completely get over that traumatic experience.


Thanks dear. I sure will

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Choi! You serve a living God o. This is the first time I’m hearing of someone’s property being returned after entering one chance. I like your writing style too btw.


Lol… …my life indeed is a testimony and thanks for the compliment too.


You’re welcome

Wow! I can relate to this, dear.

Let me commend your writing prowess first. :raised_hands::raised_hands:


I can’t remember the exact year… let me just say 2016.

We came home after Church service, and I was sent to go withdraw money from the bank.

After the withdrawal, I crossed over to board a keke (tricycle), and I entered one chance. Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed.

When I opened my purse to bring out my t-fare, the stupid man and woman probably saw the huge amount of money, and wanted to play sharp before I reach my junction, which was just five junctions away. The man stopped, and gave the stupid driver dollar. How that one take concern me? 🤷

Driver started showing me dollar, that I should see what this man gave him. I got the gist immediately and wanted to shout at him for thinking he can deceive me, but I just ignored and jumped out of the moving keke, holding my purse tight.

The stupid man that alighted before, was picked up in front, moving to their next target, I guess. I couldn’t even shout. I think if I had uttered a word in that keke, their plan would have probably worked and maybe when I get my sense back, I won’t find my purse. I just stood and watched them like a mumu, because truly, silence is golden in some situations.

May God save Nigeria, because the rate at which people just get up from their bed daily , and decide to be con artists baffles me.


Awww!! Thank you

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Lol!. …I’ve also been a victim of that circumstance before

Lol… It’s very funny, but at that moment, it’s not funny. You are torn in between anger, fear, and gratitude to God for saving you.

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WOW!! So short of words but I thank God for sparing your life. A story well shared with good descriptive manipulators. Nice one


Thanks dear. God is indeed worthy to be praised


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Thanks dear

I’m sure you were the first person to dance out when they announced “testimony time” in church the next Sunday. :joy:

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Lol… I wish I was. Up till today, I haven’t given that testimony in church… .God forgive me, but I know you know I’m very grateful