#ThisIsNigeria: Overnight in UNILAG

Overnight in Unilag

It is as an activity in which a student sets aside to read for the duration of night-time, usually from 10pm to 5am.

Overnight is the name adopted by Unilag Students for night reading while other tertiary institutions like Ahmadu Bello adopts TBD meaning, TILL DAY BREAK.

In UNILAG, overnight has been engrained on the minds of students as necessary for our academic success. It’s even so rampant now that if discovered you don’t go for overnight you’ll be looked at by other colleagues as being “unserious”. But is this true?

Lets First look at the most common reasons why most of us do overnight;

  1. Everyone does it

  2. Everyone says u should u to do it.

  3. Your friends compel u to come.

  4. Inability to maximize our day.

  5. Wasted daytime.

  6. Guilt; because we waste our day we then use overnight to “purge” our conscience.

  7. Finish assignments, projects or tests due soon or the next day.

  8. Study for the purpose of understanding.

Looking at the reasons we do overnight, we can individually answer the question that “Is My Overnight Worth It?” & “Should i really be doing overnight when I could be making the most of my day”.

If you fall in the category of No.1-3, then sadly, you might be among the people that take overnight as “Owambe” (ask a yoruba person beside you for the meaning)… You go to feel “among” for just for the fun of it with no goal at hand and with many distractions (your friends etc.) and so what u have is 5-6 hours WASTED meanwhile u could have rested well and maximized your daytime.

If you are in the category of No. 4-6 then what your solution should be to learn how to maximize your day and not going for overnight because if you go for to overnight as d solution theppcreate a cycle of always using overnight as your solution and the cycle looks like this

Goes for overnight, comes back, Sleeps and feels drowsy alot during the day, wastes the day, goes for overnight to “purge” conscience…and cycle continues.

This cycle occurs because YOU CANNOT CHEAT NATURE. You denied your body sleep in the night so your body takes it back forcefully during the day.

If you fall between No. 7-8 then you are very okay, to go for overnight but you must also consider one thing, “Do I assimilate better in the day or night?”
If day is your “thang”, then you can switch over to day reading, as this would yield more effective studying for you. But you can still be going for overnight once in a while, if you wish to.

With this considered, another important thing you must take note off is your focus as the night-time has more “enemies of focus” than daytime.
It’s not that overnight is bad, it’s just that it has a higher possibility of being wasted than day time. So you have to make sure you are seriously focused on the work you have set out to do.


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Sound it, girl!

Night class is not for everyone. Know what works for you. First class no be by who go night class pass. If you are fond of sleeping in night class, then obviously, it’s not for you.

@Slimfatima, your write-up is amazing. :clap::clap:


This is a great story


Fantastic observation

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I really love how u broke it down… the situation is crazy…lol


Nice write-up.
I think other factors that adds to wasted overnight in Unilag is that most students trek far distances to places where they read. And on getting there, they become too tired. Some go with opposite sex leading to distraction while some turns it to eating spree.


I love the write up… Keep it up girl…



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Brilliant write-up. Awesome stuff

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Awesome article and so true

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LOL… So true… I can absolutely relate…
I don’t joke with sleep so I never did overnight.
Even evening/night reading in the faculty was for catching up with faculty people you don’t see during the day.

I think it differs … “Nocturnal” students do well with overnight studying , it’s people who want to “feel among” that end up wasting their time…


Nice article! I rarely did overnight myself. I can’t function well during the day if I don’t sleep properly at night.


This is an eye-opener :+1:t4:


Good post

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Good work

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Yep. Totally agree. I for one am no fan of overnights.

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Great story #thisisunilag

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nice write up… thank God someone has my idea also about overnight