#ThisIsNigeria: Overnight in UNILAG

Nice write up, keep it up ma’am

This is good keep it up girl

Lol. I’m in my final year and in my 4 years in Unilag I have never gone for a single overnight. I love my sleep too much :joy::joy:
And I know that I love gisting too much, I would probably spend half the night gisting, the other half sleeping and barely reading.
P.S Not too brag but I still have a wayy better CGOA than half of the people that do overnight so :woman_shrugging:

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I did this overnight reading very well in Uni. (I never went to class though, my room was okay for me) I think I’m less hyperactive at night (If you know, you know):joy::joy::joy:

I’m more of a nocturnal person though; Like I’ve lost count of times I’ve stayed awake all through the night.

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Story of my life. Unless I feel really stressed out.

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Really true. I know how many nights I’ve wasted reading overnight. Although the day thing still doesn’t work for me

I always turn it to an eating spree. Lol