#ThisIsNigeria- Pay me back my money


As an average undergraduate of the prestigious university, easygoing and wanting no issues (jejelaye) following one statement I’ve learnt in unilag “I cannot come and kill myself”. It’s not as if I’ve got enough cash in my account ( cause as a typical undergraduate I’m always broke always spending on one thing or the other, one material, handouts, textbooks, practicals and so on) but I try as much as possible not to owe anyone maybe with this act it has been giving people around me the impression that I’ve got enough- which can be pretty annoying, by the time I shop at Yaba market, get nice wears all looking lit and glamorous (all na packaging, if you can relate).

Talking about feeding, always thinking of what to eat. I might be craving for pizza and unfortunately for me I might get to end up with bread and beans what an irony :smirk::smirk:, not to mention the faculty hangouts that would have been hyped so well and not wanting to miss out, it can be so tiring.

After facing such ordeal, I got the opportunity to work at a firm earning good at least for a student, living the life quite a bit, not too many worries unless it’s stress from lecturers :grin::grin: (just kidding) everything pretty fine. Then I came to realize that I keep on experiencing a pattern of scenario one of which I cannot forget.

There was this friend of mine that called me one afternoon sounding so frustrated and confused as if the world is coming to an end, told me to borrow him #20,000 apparently I didn’t think it twice for me not to lend him but unfortunately I wasn’t able to send it to him, I called to apologize thinking I was not being a good friend though it was due to unforeseen circumstance that I couldn’t control. He called me the following day to ask if I still have the money with him that he was stopped by LASMA officials and he needed it urgently for his car not to be taken to their office couple with the fact that the car doesn’t belong to him cause he was an Uber driver, I transferred it to him hoping that I will get it back by the end of the week, 12 months gone by I have nothing from it, it got to a point I was begging for my money that even if he was able to raise #1,000 per week I wouldn’t mind, the response I do get is send your account number which there won’t be any refund. I got so tired and helpless cause at the moment I’m the one at lost. Not to mention that we met when I wanted to enroll for a modeling agency, paid #15,000 for enrollment fee did all the processes, waited for a call got nothing only to find out that they’re out of business few weeks I enrolled-you can only imagine how much frustration I went through.

It’s funny how I get to see his updates on social media and just suck up to my dilemma. It’s so not cool to have people around that take your kindness for granted and still not feel sorry about it, making the good ones to have second thoughts to helping people that are in real need. It’s appalling.


That’s exactly what am facing in that school called unilag
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Great piece, perfectly describe unilag life


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The hustles of being an undergraduate


Interesting read, I hope you’ve learned from your experience and you’re smarter about people who we call friends


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I love Unilag


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great write up…nice


People take liberty for granted. Sometimes it’s not good to be good.






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Nice piece… #PayMeBackMyMoney