#ThisIsNigeria; Payment before delivery is nothing but a compliment


I’ve always thought the notice that read “cars are parked at owners’ risk” even after such owners might have fulfilled a monetary obligation in exchange for permission to park their cars was an issue that should bother car-owners alone until i had an experience which is eternally worse than the negligence that common line portrays. Let me tell you my story. I had been having my eye on the pages of some big girls on IG, knowing what made them different from me was the aim. And as the cycle goes, one big girl’s page led me to another big girl’s page and that other big girl’s page landed me in the pages of countless other big girls. Finally and fortunately for me, I saw that one main reason for the difference was what I had long ago observed; the expensive wigs they wear which I could neither afford nor avoid. Don’t mourn for me yet! I made up my mind there and then to upgrade my status and because of that I would buy and own expensive wigs counting from one. So, I continued my scouting game by focusing on the pages of hair-business owners alongside sending broadcast messages to my relatives and friends about a business idea I needed funds urgently for. I’m sure you know the business idea I was talking about already, you remain the only one that does till date. Fortunately again, I got a sum of #107,650 from the personal fundraising strategy. Oops to those uncles who would never send round figures of money, courtesy of those wives they call budgets. Since beginning is just half the battle, I made my orders for eight Brazilian wigs (at the rate of #100,000 with an additional #7,000 for the delivery) from the last page I checked. Let me do some cheap publicity here. The page had the cheapest prices of wigs and was also doing a “buy eight, own ten” promo at that time which of course made me smell fortune for the third time. Nice script! Profitable venture! Big girl to the world! Correct right? Yes, no and no. How did I get here? After doing an online transfer of the money immediately I conpleted my orders and was assured of delivery to my friend’s apartment (the location I chose because it is far to my house and I needed to conceal the uncommon business idea) in a matter of 24 hours. It became 72 hours after I parted with my first hundred thousand and my dream seemed aborted. In fact, I no longer fancied being a big girl, I wanted to have my money back by any means possible. In tears, I checked the page on IG again and found out strange things I didn’t bother looking at before, the supposed wig-seller had about 24,000 followers but not more than 50 likes on all of her posts. I had been scammed for real! I went ahead to directly message a girl who won a wig from an IG contest organised by the wig-seller who had disappeared and she told me straightaway “I never got any wig from her. She collected her wig immediately she took my picture with it and gave me 2k.” Then, she stopped replying my numerous messages. We two had been scammed. No! I alone had been scammed! So before I said my last prayer, I took #650 (the remainder from my capital) and went to my friend’s apartment expecting to meet her laughing sheepishly as usual in her words “Esther, breast factor! I was only joking with you over the phone. Your wigs are here” but as fate would have it, it wasn’t so. Hear her “sharp girl! Sharp girl!! and still you could not detect a fake business page on IG, sharp girl! Sharp girl!! yet they scammed you!” I indeed got much more than I bargained for. Without saying goodbye, I left and found myself in a bus headed where I later found myself. Although I had wasted a fortune on a fake transaction followed by a fruitless Bring Back My Money efforts, I still got insults which cost less and much less than transport fare for acting like the only Nigerian cursed with misfortune while in the bus. Now I wonder why my statue has not joined the trio that welcome people coming into Nigeria. Even without having any wig or aesthetic value, I have these experiences to share with them that here, payment before delivery is only a compliment with no iota of commitment assured and that looking before leaping is never enough because this is Nigeria.

#This is Nigeria; payment before delivery is nothing but a compliment.


@flourish Hi, I don’t think your story posted completely.


Yea. Thanks dear. I uploaded it while typing by mistake


Wonderful one. I love this


I feel I could laugh all the way for this.
Sorry for the failed business, try selling bags now.


Babe why​:grin::grin::grin:


Weldone Flourish# Once bitten twice shy… Experience they say is the best teacher…keep it up dear


Well…You were a little hasty I would say. That Nigeria you thought you were in is yet to come. It’s painful but it’s the truth. So for now… this is NIGERIA :nigeria:


Cool stuff kid. Keep it up


Like any sympathetic Nigerian, I write “sorry ehn…” Now that you’ve been scammed, isn’t it worth your…to do to others what was done to you? Get your money back.


Yea nice one really


I hope she gets it oo




Nice point. We’ve learnt too😄


Not from her. Whoever scammed her. But from others- and hope well.


I have to o, when I get capital


If only money taken away like that can be gotten back


Thank you


This is Nigeria; man shall not live by sorry alone. Lol​:grin::grin:


Yes. I was quite hasty. Patience and watching-out skills are must haves for every Nigerian