#ThisIsNigeria; Payment before delivery is nothing but a compliment


SMH. But a trial will convince you. However, I’ve no business with trial.


But you know experience has made me grown now


Yea. Thanks dear. There are even grades in experience oo. Personal experience stands above all but no wise Nigerian should love personal experiences
This is Nigeria; “see it for yourself” is tragic​:blush::blush:


I can’t imagine d trauma…but still …there is a saying that if you Dont know where you are coming from and u Dont know what else to do, just keep going ,its better Dan being stagnant…bby girl I’ll advice not to do to odas what has been done to you…nice write up bby…keep it up


Good one keep it up :heart:


Thank you my love. All i can do now is to move forward
#This is Nigeria; you have to move forward even if you’re moving backward


God bless you dear.
#ThisIsNigeria; you have to do whatever you’re left with well


This is interesting. I think we’ve learnt one or two things from this.


Yesso. #ThisIsNigeria; reading without learning is not enough. Thank you.


What a experience!


Yesso. Both the victim and readers have gotten lessons


Hmmmn. #ThisIsNigeria: we have no business with trial


I have also been scammed before ,mine was like 2 yrs ago on hostel issh… Was scammed 95k… Like samtolad said #ThisisNigeria


This is Nigeria indeed, it once happened to my dad and after the whole scenario, he felt shortchanged…why do you think the number of yahoo guys are increasing everyday? Maybe they were led into yahoo as a result of this same issue…i felt sorry for you dear but make sure you don’t do same to other people. You can always pray for them as my dad did…(you know those type of prayer now)




This is awesome, cool story
I’ve learnt a lot


nice one ma’am really deep


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:sorry ehn​:joy::joy:we’d contribute and buy new wig for you​:joy:


Yeeeh! Welcome to Nigeria where scamming is everywhere


Please oo come and buy it o. Only that it might not replace the loss